How to stop unwanted messages

If you are getting very unwanted messages on your number that you want to stop, you have two ways for this, the first of which is to block the number from which the message is coming, but if you have a problem with your telecom There are also many messages from the company, due to which you are upset, you can talk to your company about that, after which you will not get such promotional messages from your telecom company and if you want, through such messages also. can shut down.

How to block incoming text messages on Cell phone

  1. First of all go to your message
  2. Click on 3 dot and click on setting
  3. Click on Block harassing messages
  4. Click on Blocklisted Number and click on Add
  5. Now many options will be available here, if you want, you can add that number from the contact, or if you want, you can also add it from the dialer or if you want, you can manually enter the mobile number whose messages you want to block. Huh
  6. click on done

All incoming messages from that mobile number will be blocked automatically, in this way you can block any individual mobile number, which will not be able to send you messages, but now you are troubled by your telecom company which sends you many messages. If yes, you can get DND activated by talking to your telecom company.

How to block unwanted messages

For this, you have to get DND activated on your mobile number which means, Do Not Disturb means that after its activation, your company will not send any promotional message to you.

  1. First of all get the customer care number of your telecom company and call it
  2. Tell the customer care about your issue and ask them to activate DND
  3. Now some information can also reach you for verification, such as in whose name your mobile number is registered, or how much did you recharge last time etc.

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