How to shut down laptop

You can shut down your computer in many ways, which can prove to be better in different situations, such as if the button of your computer keyboard is not working then you can shutdown your computer using the mouse , and if let’s say unfortunately your mouse does not work, then you can shut down your computer using the computer keyboard, or if you want, you can shutdown your computer using the shortcut key.

What is the shortcut key to shutdown laptop

Alt + f4 is the shortcut key to shutdown the laptop but works differently in different situations, if you have opened a computer program then alt + f4 will close it first, and when all the computer programs are closed So after that if you press alt + f4 then the option of shutdown will come, and after doing it you will be able to shut down your computer.

How to shut down laptop without mouse

If you want to shut down your computer using the mouse, then all Windows have to shut down differently.

windows 7

  1. First, move your mouse over the Windows icon on your computer and click
  2. Click Shut Down

windows 8

  • First of all, you can mouse over your computer, scroll a bit from bottom to top or top to bottom in the right side
  • Shut down by clicking on Power Option

How to shut down windows 7 by keyboard

If you use Window Seven, there are several methods you can use to shutdown your computer.

  1. press the windows button
  2. press right button
  3. press enter button

Your Windows Seven computer will shutdown and this shortcut key will not work in all Windows as everyone’s window setting is different.

How to shut down laptop when it is hanged or how to force shut down my PC

Many times our computer hangs and in this situation neither we can switch off our computer using our computer keyboard, nor by using mouse because our computer does not respond at all, except we have There is no other way to wait, and after some time our computer starts working normally then we can shut down our computer easily, but if your computer is not what it is doing then you can not use it. But if you want to switch it off, then you can also shutdown your computer in the same situation.

If you use a computer, then you can press the power button of your CPU so that your computer will shut down directly, but we do not suggest to use this method again and again because using this method will damage your computer. The software program may crash completely.

But if you are a laptop user then it becomes very difficult to shut down the laptop or do any other task on it in case of laptop hang, because in that case none of our laptop buttons work even The mouse also doesn’t work, and the power button doesn’t work either, but all laptops have a temporary solution to deal with this situation, which is meant to be used only in complex situations and we would suggest that this Do not use the method too much, otherwise the software system of your laptop may crash.

  1. Press and hold the power button of your laptop for about 5 seconds
  2. Your laptop will shutdown automatically

What precautions should be taken while shutting down the computer?

Here we will tell you how you can easily set down your computer, even if your computer is hanging, and you are not able to use the mouse keyboard, you can still shut down your computer directly. But there are some bad habits to shutdown the computer, which reduce your computer life, so do not make such mistakes at all.

  • Although your operating system automatically closes all programs after giving the shutdown command to the computer, but in the summer it will be recommended that you close all the programs yourself before giving the shutdown command.
  • If your computer is hanging and the mouse or keyboard is not working, then wait for a while, when your computer starts responding, then shutdown your computer, because in such a situation, you can directly shutdown the computer by using your power button. can, but it shortens the life of your computer because the chances of the computer crashing in it are very high.
  • Make sure to refresh your computer before shutting down the computer
  • Do not leave your computer unattended as this can damage your battery
  • Before shutting down the computer, make sure that your computer has enough battery, that is, you should turn off your laptop before your laptop’s battery is completely depleted, that is, if your laptop’s battery comes to 20%. If it is, then close it without delay 

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