how to set photo on contact number

All Android mobile users can set photo in any of their contact numbers, the only condition for this is that that mobile number should be saved in your mobile storage and not Google account or SIM card, because if you have mobile number Google account Or saved in the SIM card, you will not get the option to set the photo.

So first of all save that mobile number in your phone and if you have saved it in SIM card then do that in the phone so that you can set a photo on that mobile number, and this thing is very useful for illiterate people. It can prove to be more beneficial because whose call is coming, they can find out only by looking at the photo.

how to set photo on mobile number

  1. First of all go to the contact of your phone and click on the mobile number and photo you want to set
  2. click on edit
  3. Click on the plus icon of the photo
  4. Now send any photo from your gallery from which you want to set on that mobile number and crop that photo and click on ok
  5. Click on Done

The photo will be set on that mobile number of yours and if you want to change it then follow the same procedure how you can change it.

how to change contact number photo

  1. first go to contact
  2. Click on the mobile number of which you want to change the photo
  3. Click on edit and his current photo will appear click on it
  4. Select a photo from your gallery and click on OK
  5. Click on Done, the photo of that mobile number will be changed

how to set photo in contact number samsung, redmi, Vivo etc

The process of setting photo in the contact number of all the phones remains the same, just you have to keep in mind that that mobile number should be saved in the phone storage otherwise you will not be able to set the photo on that contact number.

how to delete photo from contact number

If you have set a photo in any of your contact numbers and want to delete it, then the same process will be followed for this also and you will be able to delete the photo easily.

  1. First of all go to your contact and click on the mobile number on which you want to delete the photo set
  2. click on edit
  3. Click on Profile Picture and click on Delete Photo
  4. Finally click on Done

That photo will be deleted and if you want to set photo on that mobile number again in future then you can set it by following the procedure given here.

Note: If you set a photo on a contact number, then even if you make a call or a call comes from the other side, you will still see that photo in big size on your screen and this process will be more beneficial for those who are reading I have a problem because by looking at any incoming and outgoing call, it will be very easy to understand whose call it is.

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