How to set password on WhatsApp

WhatsApp No. 1 is a social app to use and there is hardly any internet user who does not use whatsapp, almost all use whatsapp, if you are one of them, just imagine that your phone will not be used for a few minutes. What will happen if it goes into other’s hands , of course the gallery will be opened either WhatsApp and just think that your private chats are yours which you do not want to show to others, that ‘s why it is very important to have a password in your WhatsApp. Make sure to lock.

How to set password lock in WhatsApp

  • First of all you have to go to playstore and search, app lock and that app will come and install it on your phone.
  • how to lock whatsapp with password
  • There are so many apps that you can lock your WhatsApp and other apps with a password, but among them there are also some apps that do not work properly, so sometimes WhatsApp and other locked apps without password Mange, it gets opened, but the app I am telling you about is a better lock app.
  • Once the AppLock app is installed in your phone, open it and whatever you have set your phone’s password/pin/pattern, it will be asked once again, enter your lock pin/pattern/password again
  • Your phone email will come here, if not, enter your email.
  • how to lock whatsapp with password
  • You can enter any email here just because it is being asked, so that if you ever forget your lock password, you can reset it from here.
  • Enter your email and click on save Now you will reach AppLock homepage From here you have to lock your WhatsApp with password Now a welcome message will appear Click on OK
  • Now all the apps along with your WhatsApp will come here, touch on the lock icon of any app you want to lock with a password
  • whatsapp how to set me password lock
  • Now AppLock app will ask for permit to lock your WhatsApp from your phone, then click on permit to allow to lock WhatsApp
  • how to lock whatsapp with password
  • Click on AppLock and turn it on, you will again be taken to your lock app, where your WhatsApp was locked and you will see that the True mark of Blue color has come in front of you, and the lock in front of WhatsApp is Green. It is done.
  • That is, now your WhatsApp is locked, congratulations, now no one will be able to open your WhatsApp without your permission, in the same way you can also lock others.
  • How To Lock WhatsApp Password

WhatsApp is locked with a password, if you want to lock an app other than WhatsApp, then touch the lock in front of it, that app will also be locked with the same password, and will no longer ask for permission, because you already Only AppLock has allowed the app to lock the apps on your phone with a password.

In this article you learned How to set Password on WhatsApp I hope this information will be useful for you.

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