How to set password on Mobile

If you keep a lot of sensitive data in your phone, which is not suitable for anyone else to touch, it can harm you or put your privacy at risk, then you must put a lock in your phone, so that no one Can’t even access your phone.

Applying Screen Lock We use pattern and many different types of screen locks in our Android mobile phone, so that no one else can use our phone and one of those screen locks is, pattern lock, maximum people on their android mobile phone. I use only pattern screen lock.

How to set password on my phone

  • android mobile ka screen pattern lock kaise change
  • Go to the setting of your android phone
  • Scroll down and click on Security
  • Click on Screen Lock
  • Now enter the pattern screen lock used in the current time of your android phone.
  • Click on Pattern
  • Enter the pattern you want to set new pattern for your android mobile phone, and click on continue
  • Enter the same pattern again and click on confirm

Now the pattern screen lock of your android mobile phone has been changed, to check the pattern lock, lock the screen of your phone, and then enter that pattern.

Apart from this, if you want, you can also put a PIN password in your phone, and there is a similar process for this, you will get the option of block near the pattern lock, click on it, and you have to make your own and activate it. That is to be done.

And all the phones present at this time have become a little more advanced, and in all the phones you have many more features of locking, out of which finger and face lock, if you want to put finger or face lock in your phone, So for this also the process is almost the same, just move a little bit.

  • Just go to the settings of your phone and maybe you will get the option of finger print in the setting itself, or if it is not available then you can go inside the security option, there you will get the option of fingerprint and click on it
  • After this you have to click on add fingerprint, and you have to touch your singer on the finger sensor of your phone.
  • And this process will happen several times. You have to lift and hold your finger, until the circle shown on the screen is completely filled.
  • When the circle is completely filled, click on OK, and again you have to touch the finger sensor of your mobile, and do this until the circle is filled again

Your phone will simply have a fingerprint lock installed, and no one else will be able to open it except you, but remember that if you want to use a fingerprint, you’ll also need to have a pattern lock or PIN lock because you can’t just use a fingerprint. can.

how to put face lock on phone

Installing face lock in the phone is also almost the same, and you will get the option of face lock under the security feature in your phone’s settings.

  • Click on Face Lock and your phone’s camera will open. You have to bring your face right in front of it, and move the camera a little up and down, left, right, so that your face is right in the camera.

And in a few seconds your phone will collect your facial data, but face lock is not activated in your phone yet, you will have to do it later.

Your facial data has been stored in your phone, now you will find the button to enable face lock at the top, turn that button on, now face lock has been activated in your phone.

This was information about changing the screen lock pattern of android mobile phone and if you do not use pattern but pin or password in your phone screen lock, and want to change it, then you can change it in the same way.

Note: Although you can put and remove the lock very easily in your phone, whether it is fingerprint or face lock or pattern, but here you have to keep in mind that you have to remember your password, Because if you forget your password then you can get into a lot of trouble.

Because if you forget the password of your phone, the password can be broken, but this process can be costly for you because when you break the lock of your phone then all the data on your phone will be completely deleted, then Whether it is phone number or photo video or any application like whatsapp facebook etc.

So we suggest that if you set any password in your phone, but you are afraid that what will happen if you forget it, then you have another option in your phone with pattern screen lock. -Always apply finger or face lock, because even if you forget the lock of your phone, but if you have put finger or face lock in your phone, then you will not have any problem at all because you will have access to unlock your phone. There are two ways, you can use either method and unlock your phone.

In this article you learned How to set screen lock password in Android I hope this information will be useful for you.

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