How to set alarm

All phones have an alarm option so that you can set an alarm on your phone, so that you can do all your work at a certain time, and even if you don’t have an Android phone but have a keypad button. You can set alarm in your phone because all the small to big phones have the option of alarm.

How to set alarm on Android

  1. First of all go to clock application on your phone
  2. Click on +
  3. Set the time you want the alarm alert for and select AM or PM
  4. In Alert mode you can select whether you want Vibration mode or just Ringtone
  5. Click on Ringtone and select a ringtone for your alarm, however even if you do not select it there is no problem as the ringtone is selected by default
  6. Click on Snooze Time and select the time when you want the alarm to repeat itself.
  7. In the Label, if you want, you can enter a title that what you have set this alarm for.
  8. Click on Done

An alarm has been set in your phone and the alarm will sound at the time you set.

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