How to send original size picture on whatsapp

If you use WhatsApp, then you must have noticed one thing that when you send a photo to someone, the quality of that photo automatically decreases, that is, if you send a photo whose size is 3 MB. If so, the photo you have sent will be found in very low quality i.e. around 200 to 300 KB, that is, WhatsApp compresses all the photos sent by us, although WhatsApp compresses the photos sent by us. By reducing its size but it does not make any difference to the image quality, but if you still want to send that photo in original quality then you can follow the procedure given below.

How to send original size picture on WhatsApp Android

  1. open whatsapp click on 3 dot click on setting
  2. Click on Storage and data
  3. Click on photo upload quality and click on best quality

How to increase WhatsApp picture quality

You can’t increase the quality of the photos you send on WhatsApp but when you send a photo, WhatsApp compresses and reduces the quality of your photo, if you want, you can change the setting of WhatsApp so that you only will compress your photo only to the limit of best quality but we suggest you to do this because if you do this your data pack will be wasted a lot, because when you send a photo through whatsapp whatsapp your photo Compresses it so that it does not take much data to send that photo, whereas if you send it in the original quality, then more data will be used to send it, and the recipient will also have to download it by spending more data.

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