How to send original quality photo on WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp, you must have noticed one thing. That when you send a photo to someone, the quality of that photo automatically decreases. That is, if you send a photo, whose size is 3 MB, then the photo you have sent. It will be available in very low quality i.e. around 200 to 300 KB only. That is, WhatsApp compresses all the photos sent by us. However, WhatsApp compresses the photo we speak and reduces its size. But this does not make any difference to the image quality. But if you still want to send that photo in original quality only, then you can follow the procedure mentioned below.

How to send photo in original size in WhatsApp

  1. open whatsapp click on 3 dot click on settingClick on three dotClick on setting
  2. Click on Storage and dataClick on storage and data
  3. Click on photo upload quality and click on best qualityClick on upload qualityClick on ok by selecting Best quality
  4. You open your WhatsApp chat, and send photo to anyone, your photo will be sent in high quality

how to increase picture quality on whatsapp

You cannot enhance the quality of the photos you send on WhatsApp. But when you send a photo, the quality of your photo is compressed and reduced by WhatsApp. If you want, you can change the setting of WhatsApp. So that you will only compress your photo up to the limit of only the best quality. But we suggest you to do so, because if you do so, your data pack will be wasted a lot. Because when you send a photo through WhatsApp, WhatsApp lowers your photo. So that sending that photo does not take much data. Whereas if you send in the original quality, then more data will be used in sending it. And the recipient will also have to download it by spending more data.

How to send photo as document on WhatsApp

There is also a document, a way to send any photo on WhatsApp in original quality to someone else. So that you can send any photo to each other as a document and that person can download it and see it in the original quality. But use this method only if you only need to send a few photos. But if you have a lot of photos or you always want to send original quality and high quality photos, then this method is not right for you at all. Rather you go to the settings of your WhatsApp and make the upload quality the best. But if you don’t want to send original quality only some photos. And if you want to send it as a document file, just follow this procedure.

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the chat of the person to whom you want to send the photo as a document
  2. Click on Attach Button Click on Document
  3. Click on the image by clicking on the three lines
  4. Click on the photo you want to send as a document
  5. click send

Why are my pictures losing quality on WhatsApp

When any person sends any message on WhatsApp to any other person, which includes photo, video etc. or put status. So in this condition the quality of his photo is then the quality of the video decreases. And this happens so that users of WhatsApp can transfer more files using minimum data connection. Because the photos of the phones available at this time range from about 5 MB to 40 MB on average. So if you send a photo to someone and he downloads it from the person, both of them may face a lot of problems. Because one, it will take more time, and secondly your internet data consumption will be very high.

But WhatsApp itself compresses all the files to be transferred. So that the size of that file is greatly reduced. And all the users are able to share and download that file in less internet data.

In this article you learned how to send photos in original quality on WhatsApp. We hope this information will prove useful to you.