How to send money online

Once upon a time we had to face a lot of problems in sending money online, because not everyone had the option of making online payments and receiving payments, and in such a situation, we used to take a lot of time to pay to someone whose For this, the amount had to be transferred to the bank, and there were very few online payment options, the main payment being credit cards and debit cards, while all types of debit cards are not accepted in all online services, but At this time there are many options available through which you can make payment very easily, whether you want to send a person close to you, want to send this relative or you want to send outside your country, to someone You can also send money online very easily.

How can I send money to someone instantly

There are a number of methods you can use to send money online. Below are a few, make sure you have those options.

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • google pay phone pay etc.
  • Net banking
  • Wallet
  • bank application

If you have a bank account then you will definitely have something from the above mentioned methods, and suppose if you do not have anything special but you have bank account and debit card then you can make online payment, which For this you can also use direct debit card, and can also use google pay or phone pay etc.

But we suggest you to use google pay or phone pay etc because in this you can send money very fast, and absolutely safe way because we have to set up our account on it once, after that just a few We can send money in seconds.

How can I send money online without a bank account

If you do not have a bank account, then it will be a bit difficult for you to send money anywhere because to send money, it is necessary that you have a bank account so that at the time of payment, the amount is deducted from your bank account and payment is made, So if you want, you can very easily open your bank account, and use it for online payment, but still you do not want to use bank account for your payment, then for this you have paytm wallet. option is available.

  1. Create Paytm account and set up your account
  2. Transfer money to your Paytm Wallet from your bank account or from someone else’s bank account
  3. Those money will be safe in your Paytm Wallet and you can pay as per your need, and you will not even need any bank account
  4. And if you want, you can also transfer from your Paytm Wallet to any bank account, and if you want, you can also transfer to any ATM Wallet

how to send money online to a company

If you buy any online service from any company, then you get many payment methods, because it is the responsibility of that company to provide multiple payment methods so that the customer can use the payment method as per his convenience. If you want to buy a company’s product or service, then by going to its payment method, credit card or debit card or net banking or wallet or if you want, you can pay with UPI, because most of the companies have their own These methods are provided in the payment method.

How to send international payment

Most of the international transactions are done only when a person buys an online service, and if you have also purchased any service and want to pay for it, then go to the payment method of that company, there you will get credit card, debit card, Google Pay, Net Banking etc., using which you can make the payment.

And you cannot send international money using google pay, but an international company can take payment from you using google pay, because there are many international payment gateways for that.

And if you want to send international money directly to someone, then you also have to use an international payment gateway, because the currencies of all countries and their rates are different and the work of exchanging them is done by international payment gateway companies, and If you want, you can also send international payments using direct banks, such as Paypal, pioneer etc.

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