How to send a message

There are many options in the mobile but the primary purpose of the mobile is to make calls and send messages which can be done easily in all mobiles, whether it is a keypad or screen touch mobile, and at this time also to send messages There are many options, out of which some options are such that if you send messages using them, it will be more expensive and there are also some options through which sending messages is absolutely free, no matter from where you are and where you are sending message.

In all phones, the option of primary call and message is given by default, whether it is iPhone, Android or keypad etc. But apart from these the free options are available on WhatsApp Viber Telegram Facebook Messenger etc. But this is not installed in the phone because it is a third party app but anyone can install them in their phone and use their services whether for messaging or calling or for any other work.

how to send message

First of all, find the message application in your phone, it is present by default in all the phones, you do not need to install it.

  1. Go to your phone’s message application and click on + or new message
  2. Now enter the number of the person to whom you want to send the message or if you want, you can add the number of that person from your contact by clicking on +
  3. Below you will get a box in which you have to write your message, write your message in it and in front of it you will get the option of send, click on it, next you will get the option of SIM 1 and SIM 2, click on the SIM you want to send from and send your message How to send messages

Note: In the old messaging application or in the keypad phone, whenever a message was sent or someone sent a message to you, every time all the messages appeared differently and if it was to be sent, then each time the number had to be typed and the message had to be written. But now it is not like that at all, the messaging system has completely changed

Now if you send a message to someone once, then a file is created and then whether you send the message or the person sent it to you, all the messages of all those will be visible in the same file and if you want to send the message You will not have to type his number Repeatedly, but you just have to type the message and send it.

how to send message from contact

Although you can send messages directly by going to your messaging app, but if you are having trouble entering the number in the messaging app, then you can also send the message by going to your contact.

  1. First go to your contact
  2. Find and click on the number to which you want to send the message
  3. Click on the message icon and type your message
  4. send that message

Note: The method mentioned above is not free, but if you send a message in this way, then you will be charged for it and this charge depends on your telecom company, although most of the cheap plans are available at this time and if you get your recharge done from them. If you do, then you also get the facility of sending free messages, but if you have not got your number recharged unlimited then your balance will be deducted.

But at this time there is no need to use this method at all because for most of the messaging at this time WhatsApp Facebook Telegram etc. are used which are absolutely free and it doesn’t matter where you are sending the message. That is, you are sending a message to a person in your own country or sending it abroad.

And yes if you are using direct messaging as mentioned above then if you send to a number in your own country then you will have to pay less but if you send abroad then you will be charged more, then If you want, you can use Direct Messaging to send messages inside the country, but if you want to send messages abroad, then WhatsApp Facebook etc. will be the best for you, it will be absolutely free and it does not matter in that. From which corner of the world are you sending the message and to whom are you sending it.

how to send free messages online

If you want to send were online messages then you must have internet connection otherwise you will not be able to send free messages

To send free messages online, first you have to decide to whom you want to send messages because to send free messages online it is necessary for both the parties to use one online messaging system.

For example, suppose you install WhatsApp on your phone and want to send messages to someone else for free through this, then you will be able to send messages only to those who use WhatsApp and not to everyone, because everyone Does not use smartphone, but many people also use simple phone and you have to take care that in simple phone you cannot send online free messages.

  1. First of all go to Google Play Store and install WhatsApp or Telegram
  2. Create your account by entering your mobile number on it
  3. Now go to the chat section and search for the number of the person to whom you want to send free messages online, as soon as you want in the chat section, take all the mobile numbers present in your mobile, all those who use WhatsApp The mobile number will be visible but if the number you want to send the message to is not there then it means that he also does not use 3 whatsapp you can tell him to use whatsapp and after that you can send him a message be able to send
  4. In the chat list, click on the mobile number to which you want to send the message
  5. Type your message and click on send button

how to send photo messages

Above, you have been told about two ways of sending messages, one of which is sending direct messages and the other is sending messages online and there is a lot of difference between the two, the information of which has been given to you above but online messaging is very advanced because Through this you can message different types of files.

Note: In direct messaging you will be able to send only text messages, for photo or video messaging you will have to use online messaging tools, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. if you install them on your phone and create your account on it to anyone. When you send a message, you will get many options to send the message, in which the option of text as well as video, photo etc. will be available, even you will be able to send online payment from WhatsApp.

how to send photos through sms messages

Although photo can also be sent by sms messaging service but it does not work properly in all devices and photo cannot be sent in normal sms message, but when you try to send message in sms, in sms, mms Changed for which you can use this method but if your phone does not support mms then you will not be able to send photo in SMS message

how to send text messages through email

Sending messages in a normal way and sending messages through online messengers has become very common and at the same time email is also used a lot at this time, if you want, you can also send messages using email.

First of all create your email account and login to your phone, if you use android mobile then by definition you will be already login

  1. Click on Compose
  2. In To enter the email address of the person to whom you want to send the message via email
  3. In Subject you can write for whom you are sending the email i.e. title.
  4. Type your message in the text box below and after the message is complete, click on the send button above, your message will be gone.

How to send a text message from a computer

Sending messages from computer can be a bit complicated for you in some ways and maybe no one will like to use those methods because at this time if anyone wants to message then it is very easy to do using their phone but If you want as an alternative, you can use online messaging, which will help you a lot in sending messages from your computer and you will be able to send messages very easily.

And the most used application for sending online messages is WhatsApp, if you want, you can install WhatsApp in your computer or if you want, you can also put Telegram or if you want, you can also message from Facebook and you can use these Everyone’s software can be installed in their computer and send messages by creating their own account, but you can also use them in a more simple way, for example, using WhatsApp, information has been given to send messages from computer.

There are two ways to send messages from computer using WhatsApp, one is by using which is very easy and fast and second is to install WhatsApp software on your computer, if you want to install WhatsApp software in your computer. and you will be able to send messages the same way as you would send from your phone.

  1. Go to in your computer
  2. In WhatsApp on your phone click on 3dot and click on linked devices
  3. Click on Link a device
  4. scan your laptop’s whatsapp qr code from your WhatsApp device connection camera now you can keep your mobile in your pocket, you don’t need mobile you will be able to send message through your computer 

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