How to save mobile number in gmail, How do I save my phone numbers to Google, How do I import contacts into Gmail

If you save the number in your phone or SIM card. So there can be a fear that if your phone gets damaged. So the mobile number saved in your phone storage will be lost. And if the number is saved in your SIM card. So if the SIM card is lost, all those numbers will be there but they all have an alternate Gmail account. That is, Google Account and we would suggest that you save all your mobile numbers in your Google Account only. So that there is no fear of losing your number ever. How to save mobile number in gmail.

Because when the mobile number is saved in the Gmail account. So it doesn’t matter if the mobile is damaged or the SIM is lost. Rather, by opening your Google account in any other mobile, you can easily find your mobile number. And if you have saved the mobile number in the SIM card or mobile storage. So you can do it on the move on your Gmail.

how to save mobile number in gmail

First of all, you must have your Google account ie Gmail account. And login should be done in mobile, if you use android mobile. So of course you will already be login but if not. Create your Gmail account and login to your phone, so that you can save your mobile number in your Google account.

  1. First go to your contact and click on + icon or New
  2. Select Storage “Google”, enter name and mobile number and click on Storage
  3. Click on your gmail account and save

That mobile number will be saved on your Gmail account. By following the exact same procedure, you can save as many numbers as you want on your Gmail account. There is no limit to save Gmail account number because it takes very little storage to be from mobile number. Whereas we get 15 GB of storage on a Gmail account which is enough.

how to put your number on google

However, in most phones, there is an option to copy or move the mobile number from mobile or SIM storage to Gmail. But many devices do not have this option in it. So the procedure is given below, follow this. And if this setting is in your phone, then you will be able to move all your contact numbers to Gmail.

  1. Go to your contact and click on the setting icon
  2. Click on Copy Contact
  3. Click on copy from phone, or click on copy from sim 1 or copy from sim 2 i.e. from whichever storage you want to copy / move. click on it
  4. Whichever contact you want to move from phone to Gmail. Select it or if you want to move all the contact numbers, then click on select all
  5. click on copy
  6. Click on that Gmail account. In which you want to copy the mobile numbers of your phone, and the copying will start.

In just a few seconds, all the contact numbers you have selected will be copied to your Gmail account. And the problem will be that your contacts will also show your Gmail account message contact numbers and your device storage SIM card numbers. That is, all the numbers will be almost double, then you follow this process to single them out.

remove duplicate numbers

  1. First of all go to your contact and click on setting
  2. Click on Display Contacts
  3. Mark Phone and SIM storage and uncheck the rest. By doing this, only the numbers saved in your phone storage and SIM card will be visible in your phone.
  4. Now going back to your contacts, all the numbers of your phone and SIM storage will be visible. If you’ve copied these to your Gmail account, click Edit above
  5. Mark all your contact numbers
  6. Click on delete, all numbers on your phone and SIM card will be deleted
  7. Now back in contact click on setting
  8. Click on Display Contact
  9. Mark everyone and go back to your contact

Note: Before following the above procedure, copy all the mobile numbers from your phone and SIM storage to your Gmail. Because by following the above procedure, all the mobile numbers in your phone and SIM card storage will be deleted. You won’t be able to get them. And if you have already I have copied to gmail. So after deleting the contacts of the phone and SIM storage, after going to the display setting and marking all, your Gmail mobile numbers will start appearing in your phone. And no number will double, because you have deleted the numbers on the phone and the SIM card. And only and only the mobile numbers on Gmail will be visible.

how to save number on google using google contact app

If you use the normal contact application. And if you have any problem in using it, then if you want, you can also install Google Contacts application on your phone from Google Play Store. So that you will be able to understand your contact in a smarter way. Because in Google Contacts application you get a better option to merge duplicate contact numbers.

  1. Install the application by searching google contact on google play store
  2. Click on Allow
  3. Click on your profile picture at the top right side. And click on the email in which you want to upload your number
  4. Click on your DP in the right side and click on contact app setting
  5. Click on Google contacts sync setting
  6. Click on your email account
  7. Turn on Automatically sync button by clicking on Manage setting
  8. Go back and click on sync setting in also sync device contact. Turn on the automatically backup and sync device contacts button
  9. Go back and click on import from sim card in import contact from sim card and click on import button

All contact numbers on your phone and SIM card will be backed up to your email account. Now all the numbers in your phone’s contact will be doubled. Because the contacts of your phone or SIM card will also be present. And the mobile number uploaded on your Google account will also be present, so for this, if you want, you can also delete the extra mobile number of your phone.

And if you have multiple numbers doubled on your email account, you can also merge them. For which you just have to open your Google Account application and click on manage & fix. And after that click on merge & fix, all your double contact numbers will be merged.

Along with this, if suppose all the contacts of your phone get deleted due to some reason. Or you reset your phone. So if all your contact numbers are deleted from your phone, then you can also bring back all the mobile numbers in your phone with the help of Google Contacts. All you need to do is install your Google Contacts application and log in by entering your email account. And by clicking on fix & manage, click on restore. And to confirm, all the numbers on your email account will be copied to your phone.

In this article you learned how to save numbers in Google. We hope that this information will prove useful to you.