how to save battery on android

If the battery of your phone is draining in a normal way, then it means that there is no problem with your phone but when your phone battery starts consuming power abnormally then it means that there must be something wrong with your phone. In such a situation, you should also think about optimizing your phone so that you can save your phone’s battery consumption and if it consumes your phone’s battery in an unusual way, then it can completely damage your battery.

And even if your phone’s battery is Draining in a normal way, then there are some things that you can follow to increase the battery life of your phone because our phone’s battery is very much due to the garbage filled in our phone. Apart from this, there are many other optimizations which are very important for your phone and especially when you want to increase your battery life.

how to save battery on android

Uninstall Unused Applications

Unused apps not only increase the load on our mobile but also increase the battery consumption, so use only those applications which you need uninstall the rest of the applications and if they are not uninstalling then disable them so that Both the load and battery consumption on mobile will be less.

Automate screen brightness

If you always keep the brightness of your phone full then it also increases your battery consumption so keep it on automatic so that it is set according to your location and your phone can reduce battery consumption

Use the original charger provided by the company for charging

Battery charging also plays an important role in the life of the battery and you should always charge your phone with the original charger provided by the company and also keep in mind that do not charge any other phone with that charger, If you charge your phone with a local charger

Don’t let your phone get too hot

If your phone gets hotter than the limit and it remains for a long time, then not only will your battery be damaged but there is also a fear of exploding the battery, so tell your phone with such activity which will make your phone more let’s warm up

Turn off internet and location when not needed

At this time the internet plan has become very cheap, due to which people use the internet a lot and keep the data on even if they are not using the internet, which always causes more battery consumption, so when you have internet access. If you do not want to use, then you turn off your data and always keep the location off and turn it on only when needed.

Update apps to their latest versions

All apps are always better and faster in their latest version so if any application you used has got an update then update yourself without delay.

update phone software

Software update of the phone always makes the phone better and faster and many people are afraid to update their phone that if the data of their phone is not deleted, then there is nothing to be afraid of software update of the phone. There is no problem by doing this, nothing is deleted, your phone remains as it is, for this you have to go to the settings of your phone and go to system update in about, and in the settings of some phones, you have the option of system update phone. found in setting

Do not use the phone on charging and especially do not do gaming at all while charging

Many people often make this mistake that they use their phone on charge and this reason can also become the reason for spoiling the battery of your phone, but if your phone is on charging then it is normal to use the phone in it. Use in moderation, especially do not do gaming at all, because in such a situation the load on your battery and phone increases, which becomes the reason for damaging your battery.

reset the phone

If the above mentioned techniques do not solve your problem, then you should check by resetting your phone, maybe this process can solve your problem but if it is still not far from your understanding then you should take your mobile to any mobile center or that You should take it to the service center of the mobile company and they will fix the problem for your phone.

replace your phone battery

If the above tips do not extend your battery life, then your phone battery may be damaged and you should consider replacing your phone battery.

Why is my battery draining so fast Android?

If your phone battery is draining very fast then your phone may be overloaded due to apps and other data, and your phone battery may also get damaged because mainly When the battery is damaged, the battery drains Faster. 

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