How to restart phone

In many cases we may need to restart our phone like if you do setting in any network then you must restart your phone only then network setting works perfectly otherwise you may get same error as before Is.

However, whatever be the reason, you can restart your phone very easily, for which there are mainly three methods, first is the normal way and second is by using the application and third is force restart.

How to Restart Android Phone

  1. Firstly long press the power button of your phone, for about 3 to 4 seconds press and hold the power button
  2. Now you will get the Restart / Reboot button, click on it, your phone will start restarting

How to restart phone without power button

Many times the power button of our phone is damaged, then restarting my phone becomes a big problem because the power button is the most important button of our phone, but this thing is to restart the phone, then you can do it without power. You can also restart your phone with the help of a button, you just have to install an app and it will provide you the facility to start the phone

  • First of all install Reboot/Restart app on your phone
  • Open the app and click on restart your phone will start restarting

How to force restart my Android phone

If your phone is not restarting normally and you want to force restart your phone, then its process is very simple but not everyone can do it and especially in new coming phones then it is absolutely necessary to do so. If it is difficult then this process is possible, then you can try

  1. First of all remove the back cover of your phone and remove the battery of your phone
  2. Reinsert the phone battery and long press the power button

This process is for force rebooting the phone and at this time most of the upcoming phones do not have the option to remove the battery, so if you use a phone that has the option to remove the battery, then by this process you can remove the battery from your phone. You can force reboot otherwise you will not be able to force reboot your phone

What happens if I reboot my Android phone?

There is often a fear in the minds of people that rebooting the phone will not delete the data of our phone, but it is not at all because the data of the phone is deleted when you reset your phone and reboot the phone. It means that the phone is being restarted, just every key is written in some phones, then reboot in some phones, but both mean the same thing, your phone will be restarted.

And all the settings of your phone will remain the same as it was before rebooting the phone, the network setting is implemented correctly, so whenever you do any networking setting in your phone, then reboot your phone once and if your phone If it is not working properly or there is a problem like hang or any other problem you are facing, then you must restart your phone once, maybe your problem will go away.

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