How to restart Phone

Due to the arrival of Android phones, people often introduce words like restart reset reboot and many people also have a lot of confusion between these three words, who is what, and what should be done in what condition, but restart And reboot is not a very big process, it is a very simple process, you must be doing it even if you do not know between these two words and what is the difference between the two.

what is phone restart

Restarting the phone means that the phone is switched off and on and this process is automatic, and what is the condition, restarting the phone is also necessary, and no data is lost by restarting or rebooting the phone. Our phone remains the same as before, just from one side our phone gets a speed boost.

Android is starting (Optimizing app)

This is a very common error that is seen by many Android users when they switch their phone off and on or restart their phone, they get the option of Android is starting in which optimize the application. This is done, and if you have to restart your phone frequently or switch the phone off and on, it can give you a lot of problem, because during this process it takes a lot of time, about 10 And if you start frequently then 10 to 15 minutes on each restart will be too much, so you have two options first you check your software update, if your phone If the software update has come, update it and if the software update is not available, you should factory reset your phone once, after which hopefully you will not have to face this problem.

How to restart phone

  1. To restart the phone, first of all press and hold your power button for 2 seconds
  2. Click on Restart/Reboot

Your phone will start restarting, during which the only process will be to switch off your phone and turn on automatically.

What are the benefits of restarting the phone

  • When you change any network setting in your phone, it is very important to restart the phone, and telecom companies also suggest to restart the phone after setting network, because in some situations the network setting will not work properly till then. do not work unless you restart your phone
  • If your phone is hanging too much then you must restart your phone once after cleaning, because this gives speed post to our phone so that the phone starts running very fast.
  • If the phone is not getting network or there is a problem with the internet connection, to some extent restarting the phone will also solve this problem, although it is not a sure solution.
  • Although it is not necessary to restart the phone, but if you suddenly feel that your phone is hanging, or your phone is misbehave in any way then you can restart your phone, maybe your problem go away

What is the difference between phone restart and reboot

In many phones, when you press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, you may get a restart option, and some phones may have a reboot option, so you do not need to be confused at all. , because restart and reboot are both the same things. If you reboot your phone, your phone will still be switched off and on, and if you restart your phone will still be switched off and on again.

Does phone data get deleted after restarting the phone?

Since phone restart is a process in which your phone is switched off once, and turns on automatically, during this time no data of any kind is lost on your phone, yes but if you reset your phone, your phone data will be lost.

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