How to Reset Android phone

Factory reset is a process by which the entire data of the phone is completely cleared, that is, your media files, contacts, settings, etc., everything is reset, and becomes exactly like a new phone. If there is some sensitive information in your phone, and it is very important for you, transfer it to another device, upload it to a cloud so that you can get your data even after resetting your phone, and yes reset your phone Before doing this, make sure that your phone should have enough battery, so that the reset process can be completed easily, because if your phone battery gets dead during the reset process then you may face some problems and During the reset process, the battery consumption increases a lot, your phone might get a bit hot too but after the reset process everything will be back to normal.

How to reset Android phone

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and go to backup and reset
  2. Click on Factory data reset to erase phone
  3. Enter your current phone password to confirm

Your Android phone will start resetting which can take about 10 minutes, and during this you do not have to do anything, the whole process is automated, after the reset is complete, your phone will start automatically and you will have to have your Android The phone needs to be set up, which means selecting your country, selecting your language, and entering your Gmail account, and your phone will start up just like a new phone.

How to reset Android phone when locked

Many times we forget the password pattern lock of our phone, we cannot reset our phone in a normal way, because to reset the phone it is necessary that you go to the settings of your phone, but when your phone is locked. If so, you can not reach the settings, and in such a situation you have 2 ways to reset your phone, the first of which is to hard reset your phone and the second is to reset the phone through Google account, but You will be able to reset your phone with your Google account only when the internet is on in your phone otherwise you will have to follow the hard reset procedure.

how to hard reset phone

  1. First of all switch off your phone
  2. Now press and hold your Power button and Volume UP button together until the screen light turns on
  3. Now go to wipe data/factory reset by pressing Volume Down button
  4. OK by pressing the power button
  5. Go to Factory data reset by holding the Volume Down button, and click OK by holding the Power button
  6. Click on Reboot system now

Now your phone will start and open like a new phone and you have to set up your phone, select your country during setting, enter your name, enter your gmail account, and complete your android setup.

how to reset phone with google account

Although you can follow this process even when you have your mobile with you, but it will prove to be more beneficial for you when your phone is lost or stolen, because it is not necessary in this process, That your phone is with you, but you can also reset your phone through any other phone or computer.

  1. Go to and login by entering your gmail account which is set up on your phone
  2. Click on Erase Device
  3.  Click on Erase Device to confirm

Remember that in this case, your device will be reset only when the internet connection is on in your phone, and if at present that other device does not have internet connection then your phone will start resetting automatically as soon as it is connected to the internet.

how to reset android phone without losing data

When you reset your phone, all the data and settings on your phone will be cleared, but if you want the data of your phone to be safe, you can use different methods for this, and if you want So in one click you can make backup of your entire phone by doing google server, but we will not suggest you to make backup of your entire phone, rather you should just keep backup of contacts on your media file, and as far as all of you are concerned You can install them manually after resetting your phone and setting it up.

  • Before resetting your phone, make a note of your Gmail account somewhere, so that you can enter it after resetting your phone.
  • Before resetting the phone, upload your phone’s photo and video files to Google Photos, for this you just have to go to your Google Photos account and turn on the backup, all the video and photo files will be automatically uploaded to Google Photos
  • Save all your contact numbers on your SIM card or Gmail account

Does a factory reset delete everything

Yes, if the phone is factory reset, all the data on the phone is deleted, and if you have backed it up then you can install it, and if it is not backed up you will not get the data back .

Is it safe to reset Android phone

Yes it is very safe to reset android phone but before resetting if there is a lot of important data, transfer it to another phone or put it on cloud storage, or if you want, you can also backup your full phone. can take.

How do I open my phone after factory reset

When the phone factory reset is completed, after that your phone becomes like a brand new phone, and the terms and conditions of the phone have to be followed and some basic settings are also asked at the startup of the phone, whether or not you can complete

Advantage of resetting phone

  1. If your phone hangs too much then the problem of hanging is resolved
  2. All used / unused files present in the phone are deleted, your phone becomes like a new phone
  3. After reset, both your phone’s life and battery life increase
  4. You should reset your phone even if you want to sell your phone

Disadvantages of resetting phone

  1. If you don’t back up before resetting your phone, the data on your phone will be deleted which you will never get
  2. Your phone’s settings etc. is completely reset, and if you don’t have much knowledge of phone handling then this can be a problem for you, because we have to setup our phone again 

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