How to reset an android phone

If you are a phone user, when you take a new phone, you must have seen that when the phone is new, it runs very fast, very good performance is obtained, but after continuous use, our phone becomes a bit weak and performance slow. The phone even starts to hang a lot.

One has to wait a lot on opening an application, due to which there is a lot of difficulty in running the phone, then It’s solution is to reset your phone, about which we will give you the information in this article that How to reset the android phone, but some precautions are required to reset the phone, which you need to know about.

Like, when you reset your phone, your phone will be completely empty, that is, there will be nothing left in your phone, your phone will become like a new phone and your old data will be erased, so before resetting your phone Save the necessary data somewhere else so that your data is not deleted during reset process.

If you have saved your contact number in phone memory, you can move the number in Simcard before resetting the phone, or store it in your Gmail and save the contact from being deleted, and if you have saved photos or videos in phone memory you can use a memory card or online storage like google photos to save your data.

How to reset an android phone

  • First of all, go to the setting of your phone and find the backup & reset setting
  • click on erase all setting setting
  • And after that you will have to enter the password of your phone, enter the password and continue, your phone will shut down and the reset process will start.
  • Wait for a while, because the reset process is automated and the phone will be ready for new setup after reset, and you will have to do some setting to start your phone, such as adding your email, as well as lock setting, wifi setting, etc. you can also skip some steps after the setup process is finished, your phone will start as new and all your data will be deleted.

By the way, the setting of the phones of all the companies is different, yes but their process is the same, just have to go to the setting and go to the backup & reset setting and it is not necessary that it should be the same in all the phones rather you will find in different location backup & reset setting and in that You will get the option of reset through which you can reset your phone, as mentioned in the above steps.

How to Hard Reset Android Phone

You can use a hard reset if you have forgotten the lock of your phone, otherwise, it is used rarely. when you know your password you can normally reset your phone by setting but if your phone is locked and you have forgotten the password then to access your phone you have to hard reset your phone.

  • So first you switch off your Smartphone using Power Button.
  • After doing this, you press both the Volume Down and Power button keys of your phone simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • After starting the phone leave Button
  • And some options will start appearing on your screen, use the Volume up and Volume Down keys to scroll up and down and use the Power key to ok.
  • First of all, continue the process by selecting the English language.
  • After that, select Wipe Data and Cache Option and use the Power key to Ok. After doing this hard reset process will start, And after waiting for some time, your phone will be completely reset.

Now after doing this, the speed of your phone will be good and your phone will not hang. When there is a problem with your phone, then you can reset your phone in the same way, I hope that you liked this article “how to reset phone”.

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