how to put location on google map

Google Map is the world’s most used map and any person from all over the world can put their location on it, like if you have a shop, you have a business company, factory, school, coaching center etc. Anything that people want to know about and reach, such as a temple, mosque, gurudwara, etc. Because in such a situation it can be easier for people to reach your destination, and if you have a hobby, then you can also get benefit from it, because you can probably get more customers.

how to put location on google map

It is very easy to enter any location in Google Maps, for this you need to have Google Maps installed on your phone, and you need to have a Gmail account so that you can login to Google Maps

  1. Go to Google Map Application
  2. Click on Contribute
  3. Click on Add a place
  4. In the name, enter the name of your business or shop, etc. The location you want to put on Google Map
  5. Click on Category and select any category, business to which your location is related
  6. Click on Update location on map and you can rotate Google Map with your finger, and you will see a red pointer in it, you have to set that pointer to the location you want to put on Google and click on OK
  7. Add phone, hours, website, opening date and photos पर क्लिक करें
  8. Click on add hours, click on edit hours, select open time and close time, and on top of that option is given from sunday to saturday, select the day you want to apply at the time you entered and click on save Click, click on finally done
  9. Click on Add phone number and enter your mobile number
  10. If you have a website, then you can enter the URL of your website by clicking on add website.
  11. You can also enter your opening date if you wish, but you can also skip it if you wish.
  12. Click on Add a photo and from your phone select the photo of the location from which you want to put it on Google Map and upload it
  13. After entering all the information click on the send button above

After entering all the information you will have to wait nothing, and if the information entered by you turns out to be correct then your location will be published after the review, there are 99% chances, that the location is published but some In cases, many locations are also disapproved.

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