How to post status on Facebook

If you are a Facebook user, you can share any photo/video through the story with your friends, although you can also use share directly on your Facebook account, the story is slightly different from that, Post status on Facebook.

When you post any Facebook story, it is available for only 24 hours, after that, your story will be deleted automatically, it does not matter what you have shared.

Even if you have never used Facebook story, but you must have definitely used WhatsApp story as you manage the story on WhatsApp, its process is almost the same.

How to post status on Facebook

First, open your Facebook app and you’ll get the story option on the homepage

The story of your Facebook friends will appear, click “+Add to Story” to post your Facebook story

To post your Facebook story click on + add story

Select a photo or video that you want to post in your Facebook story, edit your content, and click on “SHARE NOW” but remember that anyone can see your Facebook story.

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But if you want, you can also change the privacy of your Facebook story

After selecting the photo for your Facebook story, click on Setting and choose Privacy, if you want only your friends to see your Facebook story select “Friends”.

Or if you want, you can select specific peoples by clicking on custom.

change your Facebook story privacy

Remember that if you do not change the privacy setting of your Facebook story, your Facebook story will be publicly available, i.e., anyone can see your Facebook story.

So you have learned Post status on Facebook, I hope you have posted the story on Facebook, whether you are a mobile user or a desktop user, the same process for both.

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