How to post status on Facebook

If you are a Facebook user then you can share any photo/video with your friends through the story. How to post status on Facebook, However, you can also share the usage directly on your Facebook account. But the story is a little different than that. How to post Facebook status.

When you post any Facebook story, it is available only for 24 hours. After that your story will be automatically deleted, then you have shared anything in your Facebook story.

Even if you have never used Facebook story, but definitely you must have used WhatsApp story. Just like you manage the story on whatsapp, its process is almost the same.

How to post Facebook status

  1. open facebook app
  2. Click on “+ Add to story”
  3. Select a photo or video that you want to post to your Facebook story
  4. Edit your content and click “SHARE NOW”

Remember that if you do not change the privacy setting of your Facebook story, then by default your Facebook story will be publicly available. That means anyone can see your Facebook story.

How to post video in Facebook story

You can also upload video status to your Facebook status using the same process. The method using which you have put photo status on your Facebook. But if you want to create and upload a video status on Facebook instantly. So you can shoot any video or photo at that time itself. And you can also use the music provided by Facebook in it. But there is a separate condition for putting video status on Facebook, that you cannot put video status on Facebook using web browser. Rather, you have to use the Facebook application for this. Whereas you can also upload normal photo status on Facebook through browser.

  1. Open Facebook application and click on +status
  2. Click on next by capturing photo/video
  3. You can include any song if you want by clicking on the attachment
  4. click on post

How to post status by Facebook messenger

If you do not use Facebook Messenger. you don’t need to install Facebook Messenger just to put Facebook status. Rather, you can also enter Facebook status from your Facebook application or website. And whether you enter from the website or from the Facebook application from the Facebook Messenger application, all three are managed in the same way. Just you will get more features of posting status on some system then less on any one like if you upload from website. So you will get very few features on this, whereas if you do it from the application then you will get a lot of other options including filters.

  1. Open Facebook Messenger by clicking on Stories from the bottom right side and click on +add to story
  2. Click on Text to type something or select a photo
  3. If you want to edit your photo in many options like filter text crop etc.
  4. Click on Settings at the bottom left
  5. If you want your Facebook status to be visible only to your Facebook friends, click “friends” or leave it as is.
  6. Click on back button and click on share now

The story you selected will be posted to your Facebook status.

How to post music in Facebook story 

There is a big point in uploading a story on Facebook, because when you enter a status on Facebook from the website or from Facebook Messenger, you won’t get the option to add music to your Facebook status. So in this case you have the option, to use the Facebook application. If you post a Facebook story using the Facebook application, you get the option to add music to it. For which you do not need to add music from your phone. Rather, Facebook provides you with a lot of music for Facebook status. Among them, you can select any music for your photo or video status.

  1. open facebook application
  2. + Capture or select a photo/video by clicking on Create Story
  3. Click on Music and search by typing the name of the music you want to set as your Facebook status
  4. To play this music, click on the play button, and if you want to set that music, then click on that music
  5. Click on Share

Music has been added to your Facebook status. And after clicking on share it will be uploaded in your Facebook status.

Where is Facebook status in messenger

Facebook status can be managed by many different applications. For example, using the Facebook application, or Facebook Lite, or Messenger, or using any web browser, you can open or manage Facebook status from there. And the status Facebook home page on Facebook Lite or Facebook app and is present right at the beginning. In which there is an option of + status in the first box. From where you can enter your Facebook status. And after that your Facebook friend status appears.

Whereas in the same Facebook Messenger, Facebook status is displayed in a separate tab. Simply open Facebook Messenger and click on Stories in the photo on the right side. From here you can enter your Facebook status. And you can also see the status of your Facebook friends.

We hope you learned how to post status on Facebook. this information will prove useful to you.