How to post Instagram story through laptop or mobile

The story is a quite unique feature, whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, however, any story we post on Facebook, WhatsApp, stays for only 24 hours and then gets automatically deleted.

Similarly, on Instagram, we get a story option but there is no restriction of 24 hours, Instagram and Youtube story algorithm almost the same, there is no restriction of 24 hours for stories on Instagram, which is a very good thing.

And as far as the matter of Instagram mobile users, it’s very easy for them to post an Instagram story, but it can be a bit hard for laptop users.

Because Instagram does not have the option to post a story for desktop users even though Instagram has not given the option to post an Instagram story for desktop users, but we can post Instagram story using some temporary methods.

How to post a story on Instagram

For Mobile users

First, open your Instagram app, click on +your story.

Click on +your story

Now your phone’s camera will be open, you can take a picture and edit your photo, it has a lot of editing features, text, filter, effects, etc.

But if you want to post a video in your Instagram story, press and hold the photo click button and make a video, the video creation will start, and as soon as you release that button the video will stop, you can edit it after capturing.

And if your gallery already has the video/photo that you want to upload, click on the photo gallery that is at the left bottom.

How to post a story on Instagram

Click on the photo/video you want to post in Instagram story and do the editing of that photo, and if you select the video, you will also get a lot of effects, you can edit the video.

Click on the photo/video you want to post in Instagram story and if you want to edit that photo, after selecting the video, you will get a lot of effects for this too, you can edit the video if you want.

So whatever video or photo you want to post in your Instagram story is ready to be posted, click on the “Send to” button.

click on send button to pos your Instagram story

Click on the “Share” button in your story, your Instagram story will be posted, if you want to see your Instagram story, go to the Instagram homepage and click on “Your story” it will show stories you post.

Click on share in Your story to post your instagram story

You have posted an Instagram story and if you want, you can also delete your Instagram story, how to delete Instagram story, or if you want, you can also restrict some people to your Instagram story. So that they will not be able to see your Instagram story.

And yes anyone can share your Instagram story right now, if you want anyone to not share your Instagram story, you can stop from here, how to turn off Instagram story sharing.

So mobile Instagram users have learned how to put a story on Instagram but desktop users cannot post an Instagram story by following these steps.

Even if you are a desktop user but using an android emulator, the above process will work for you too because Instagram works the same way in an android emulator.

And if you are a desktop user but do not use an emulator, rather you use Instagram in a web browser, then follow this process.

For Desktop users

How to post story on Instagram through laptop

By the way, there are many ways to post an Instagram story from a laptop, such as by inspecting or using a mobile site, but these are all temporary methods, you will not be able to manage Instagram well but the way I’m going to tell you is that you’ll be able to post stories in your Instagram account from your laptop and also manage your Instagram account well.

We will use an extension to post the Instagram story, surely you must be using chrome because chrome is a very popular browser.

So we’ll use chrome to post a story from laptop to Instagram, but if you haven’t installed Chrome on your laptop, you can install chrome on your laptop by getting information from here, how to install chrome on a laptop.

And if you use firefox, through that you can also put a story in your Instagram account, in firefox also you will get lots of extensions.

How to post story on Instagram through laptop

Open chrome and go to

Click on “Add extension” by clicking on add to chrome

Click on add to chrome

Click on add extension

This extension will be installed in your chrome in just a few seconds, by default the extension may be unpinned from your browser, so first, pin this extension “App phone for Instagram”.

How to post story on Instagram through laptop

Click on that extension, a new tab will open in which Instagram will be open, if you are already logged into Instagram in your chrome, you will be reached in your Instagram account, but if you are not logged in, first log in by entering your Instagram credential.

Click on instagram phone extension

You can see that Instagram will open just as it is open on mobile. You can use Instagram as in mobile on your laptop.

All the further process is exactly the same as you post story in the Instagram mobile app and we’ve also told you above.

How to post an Instagram story from laptop

So finally you have opened mobile Instagram on the laptop, in the left side you will get 9 colors, if you want, you can also change the color of the online device.

  • To post a story, select a photo/video from your computer by clicking on “+your story” whatever you want to post in your Instagram story How to post story on Instagram through laptop
  • To post your story click on “add to your story” Click on add to your story to post your story
  • Whatever photo/video you selected will be posted in your story

How to see my posted Instagram story

It is very easy to see your Instagram story. After posting the story, click on “Your story”, your Instagram stories will appear.

How to add a story to Instagram without any extension from a laptop

Open on your laptop and click on inspect by right clicking

Click on Inspect by right clicking

Choose any mobile device from the devices, for example we select “MOTO G4”.

Select mobile device

Now reload the page, Ctrl + R
After reloading the page, Instagram will be open like mobile Instagram, but it will remain in inspection mode only.

Click on “+ your story” and select the photo/video from your computer you want to post in the Instagram story

How to post story on instargram through laptop without extension

You can edit it if you want, but you won’t find too many editing tools like mobile Instagram, finally click on “Add to your story”.

Click on add to story

That photo/video will be posted in your Instagram story.

So I hope you’ve easily posted your story on Instagram, and even if you’re an Instagram desktop user, you can post your Instagram story very easily for which we’ve told you about the “App phone for Instagram” extension.

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