How to mute WhatsApp status

WhatsApp Status is a quite good feature, but sometimes there is such a situation that we have to mute the status of some people and WhatsApp gives us the option to mute the status.

If any of your WhatsApp contacts posts a status that you do not like or some content that is not appropriate and your phone is also used by your family member, it would be best for you to mute that WhatsApp status.

And you can mute anyone’s WhatsApp status very easily, but if you are not only bored with the status of someone but if you are also upset with their WhatsApp chat, then you can block it.

How to mute WhatsApp status

Open your WhatsApp and go to Status, here’s the status of all your contacts will appear, whichever status you want to mute, open that status.

Mute WhatsApp status

Click on three dots

Click on three dot

Click on Mute, click on MUTE to confirm.

Click on Mute, click on MUTE to confirm

The status of that contact will be muted, now the status of that contact will not be visible but if you want to see its status, you can see it.
To see the muted status, click on “Muted updates”, it will show all the status that you have muted.

Click on any muted status you want to see, the status will be open. Although the status of your contacts has been mute if you want to unmute them, you can unmute them.

unmute muted WhatsApp status

Open your WhatsApp and go to status and click on muted status

unmute muted WhatsApp status

Click on unmute by clicking on three dots and then click on UNMUTE to confirm, your status of this contact will be unmuted.

Click on unmute
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How to unmute status on WhatsApp

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