How to move number from phone to SIM

If you have saved all your mobile number in the phone then we suggest you to transfer your mobile number to the sim card now so that this too anytime your mobile number becomes dead or you reset your phone or any other If there is a problem, you can easily get the mobile number by inserting your SIM card in another phone, and if possible, you should save all your contact numbers on your Gmail account, because suppose you have saved your SIM card. All the numbers are saved in the card, and if the phone is lost, the mobile number is in your phone or it does not make any sense in the SIM, all your contact numbers will be lost but if you have saved your mobile number on gmail account If kept, in any condition your mobile number will not go, you can get your contact number in any other mobile number by putting it in your gmail account.

How to move numbers from phone to SIM card

  1. First of all go to your phone contact and click on setting
  2. Click on Copy Contacts
  3. Click on copy from phone
  4. Select the mobile number that you want to transfer from the phone to the SIM card, and if you want, you can select All
  5. click on copy
  6. Click on SIM 1 or SIM 2 to which you want to copy the number
  7. Click OK

All the mobile numbers selected by you will start copying and will be copied to your sim card in a few seconds, and after that you will have to delete all the mobile numbers in your phone, because when you delete all the mobile numbers from your phone. in your sim card, all the mobile numbers will be doubled in your contact, one will be your phone and the other will be your sim card and you have to delete your phone mobile number.

  • Go to your phone contacts and click on setting
  • Click on Display Contact
  • Remove all marks from your email and SIM cards and leave marks only on the phone
  • Go back to your contact and click on edit
  • Click on Select All
  • Click Delete Click Delete

Now all the contact numbers in your phone will be deleted, and you have to go to your contact’s settings, go to the display settings, and mark all so that your phone and sim card as well as show you the mobile number of gmail account Go.

How to transfer contacts from one phone to another

If you want to transfer your contacts from your old phone to the new phone, there are many ways out of which two methods have come here, you can follow whichever method you like.

You copy all your mobile numbers from phone to SIM card and remove that SIM card from your mobile and put it in your new mobile, and all those mobile numbers which were in your SIM card will be visible in your new phone .

If you want, you can upload all your mobile numbers to your gmail account, so that when you login to your new mobile with your gmail account, all your mobile numbers will automatically come in your new mobile.

In this article you learned how to enter number from phone to sim and how to copy number from phone to sim. We hope this information will prove useful to you.

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