How to lock and unlock Facebook profile

It is much harder for new Facebook users to manage their accounts because they do not know much about Facebook and in such a situation the biggest problem is our public setting.

Because the default setting of all new Facebook accounts is public and any other Facebook user can send us friend requests, view our posts, comment, etc.

Even anyone can tag you and share on your timeline, but if you want, you can also prevent them, yes, Facebook has given us the option through which we can improve the privacy of our account in many ways.

Well, today in this post we will tell you about locking your Facebook profile so that your Facebook profile will be locked and no one will be able to see any of your posts, even anyone will not be able to remove any information in your account.

But locking Facebook profile will not stop friend requests, i.e. even after the locking profile you will continue to get friend requests, so I would like to give you some privacy tips that you can implement on your Facebook account if you want you can read it.

How to lock Facebook profile

Right now the option of profile locking on the desktop is not available, may be available in future but if you want to lock your Facebook profile you can lock your profile by opening Facebook in the mobile app or mobile web browser.

Whether you use the app or the browser has the same process of both, click on your profile picture after opening Facebook, you’ll reach on your timeline.

Click on your profile picture

Here you will get the option of three dots, click on it

Click on lock profile

Click on three dots to lock your profile picture

Now here you will be told how profile locking protects your account, click on “Lock your profile”

How to lock my Facebook profile

Your Facebook profile is locked Click on ok

Click on ok

Although you have locked your Facebook profile picture if you want to do it for a short period, you can do it at all.

Because you can lock and unlock your Facebook profile whenever you want and the unlocking process is also the same.

How to unlock your locked profile

Follow the same locking process
Open Facebook and go your timeline by clicking on your profile picture on the homepage.

Click on three dots and click on the unlock profile.

Click on unlock

Click on unlock profile to unlock your profile

Click on “Unlock your profile button”, your Facebook profile is unlocked, click on ok

How to unlock my Facebook profile

Click on unlock my profile

I hope you have locked your Facebook profile very easily through this guide and have protected your Facebook account. If you face any problem in locking the profile or if you have any other questions related to Facebook, feel free to comment.

Solved, Your Account Has Been Locked

By the way, this post was normally about unlocking facebook profile lock but most people are commenting that my Facebook account has been blocked due to unusual activity, so let’s know in short if Due to any unusual activity, your Facebook account has been locked by Facebook, so how can you unlock it?

So first you have to understand why Facebook has blocked your Facebook account.

When you log in with your credential you will get an error “Your Account Has Been Locked We Saw unusual activity on your account. This may mean that someone has used your account without your knowledge”, “To protect you, your profile is not visible to people on Facebook and you can’t use your account “.

And this happens mostly when facebook feels that your Facebook account has been hacked, then follow this process to restart your account.

First of all, go to and enter your mobile number/email on which you have your account, and enter your name, now you will have to upload any id which verifies you, Choose an id such as Aadhar card, pan card, driving license, passport, any id that you have.

And click on send button, now wait for some time, it may take almost 1 week as Facebook handles these cases manually, I hope you like this post, also Share this article with your friends so they can find out how to lock Facebook profile and how to unlock Facebook profile.

How to lock Facebook profile for non friends

How to lock Facebook profile for non friends

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