How to leave Facebook Group

By the way, groups are very helpful, whether it is Facebook group, Whatsapp group, or any other, but sometimes they also cause problems.

Like if you have joined too many groups, you have joined such groups in which you are not interested or any other reason, leave Facebook group.

And if you’re too upset with Facebook groups and want to leave, you can leave very easily, but if you are an admin of a group and want to delete your group you have to take care.

Because if you want to leave a group of which you are a member then you can normally leave but if you are a Facebook group admin, you have multiple options, leaving the group normally, making someone else group admin, and then deleting the group.

How to leave Facebook group

For mobile users

Open your Facebook app and click on three dots and click on groups.

Click on groups by clicking on three lines

Here your Facebook groups will appear, whether you are an admin of that group or a member, if your group is not found in it, ten click on See more. All your groups will appear. Click on any group you want to leave.

Click on any group that you want to leave

You will reach that Facebook group, click on the dropdown menu

How to leave a Facebook group

Click on leave group

Click on leave group to leave this Facebook group

Click yes to confirm

Click on Yes to confirm deletion

You have successfully left that group

Leave Facebook group

For Desktop users

Open and on the left side you’ll get the option of Groups, click on it

Click on groups

Now all your groups will appear, click on the group you want to delete

Click on group you want to delete

Click on leave group

How to leave a Facebook group

To confirm, click on leave group, and if you want, you can also enable prevention for this Facebook group, after which no one will be able to invite you to this group.

Click on leave group to leave group

If you want to enable prevention, at the time of confirming the group deletion, you will get the option of “Prevent people from inviting you to join this group”, enable it, as you can see in the image above, How to leave Facebook group.

But remember that if you are a Facebook group admin and leave the group, someone else will be offered the admin role, so if you are a group admin then either delete your Facebook group before leaving or make someone else admin of your Facebook group, share it with your friends Leave Facebook Group

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