How to learn computer on mobile

You can learn computer to a great extent by using your mobile, but for this you will also need to buy some hardware, ie mouse and keyboard, but even then you will not be able to operate your mobile completely like a computer. However, to some extent, you can also take computer experience through your mobile.

how to run computer in mobile

  1. First go to google play store
  2. Search for computer launcher and install the application
  3. open this application
  4. and allow permission
  5. You will be able to see that the interface of your mobile looks a lot like a computer.

Although no launcher will be able to completely convert your android mobile into computer, but to some extent this launcher optimizes your mobile in such a way that your mobile will look like a computer to you.

how to learn computer from mobile by using keyboard in mobile

Although whatever launcher you use, you will not get the complete system like a computer, but if you want, you can learn computer using your mobile to a great extent, the most important part of the computer is to understand the computer keyboard which That you can also do by your mobile, you can do typing in mobile with your computer’s keyboard, you can operate your mobile by computer’s mouse.

  1. First of all connect the computer keyboard to the OTG cable
  2. plug otg cable into your phone
  3. Go to your phone’s settings and click on other networks and connections to turn on OTG

Now you will be able to type on your phone using your computer keyboard, and also operate your mobile using other buttons through your keyboard.

In this article you learned how to learn computer in mobile, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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