How to install Android app on Computer

Android is such an operating system on which many applications are available and people want to use these applications on their computer as well, but Android application can be used only on Android operating system, due to which many people want to use them on computer. These applications are not able to be used, but there are some ways by which you can install Android applications on your computer, use them in the same way, for this you need to install software in your computer. It will be needed, which will act as the operating system in your computer, that is, an Android operating system will be inserted inside your Windows operating system, on which you will be able to install your Android application.

Although there are many Android software using which you can install applications on your computer, but we will use Bluestacks which is a very famous Android emulator and you can use it absolutely free on your computer, but first of all Make sure that your computer should be with at least 4GB RAM, although you can also use it with less RAM like suppose if your computer is of 2GB RAM, you can still use but in your computer Very slow performance will be available, so we will explain that only if you have at least 4GB of RAM, you should install Android Emulator in your computer.

Note: You can download android application in your computer without any software and that android application will be in .apk extension, but you will not be able to install it in your computer because application of all operating system is different But if you want to download only the Android .apk file of the Android application, you can download it through the App Store website, but to install that application, a system is needed which is similar to the Android application. Be compatible for installation, for which we will use Android emulator application.

how to install app in laptop

Note: Make sure your computer is fast performance ready because installing Android M letter means that you are installing an additional operating system in your Windows.

  1. First of all go to and click on Download button
  2. Click OK and your Bluestacks software will start downloading
  3. After Bluestacks is downloaded, open it and install it
  4. After the installation is complete, open BlueStack and click on Google Play Store in the app
  5. Click on the Sign In button and login by entering your Google Account and Password, if you do not have a Google Account, you can create a new one.
  6. After logging in, Google Play Store will open, you will see that all the applications will be visible here too, which you see in your Android mobile, click on the application you want to download and click on install
  7. By following the exact same procedure, you can install all your favorite applications on your computer.

Now you will get the Google Play Store application in your Bluestacks software, by which you can download and install all those applications, which are in your phone, and if you use Android Emulator in your computer then you will also get some of its advantages. Because when we install a normal computer software in our computer, it is very heavy size, but the same size is less than that of an Android application computer software.

What are the benefits of using Android applications on a computer

When you install computer software in your computer, the size of most of the software is very high, which takes more space in your computer, but at the same time the size of a company mobile application is very less, so if you have one in your computer. Once you have installed the Android Emulator, after that you can download and use the small size application in these computers, there is not much computer software available for Android mobile.

And there are many such android applications because they are not available for computer but if you use android letter, you will be able to install and use them on your computer also like whatsapp, because whatsapp is not available on computer. Cannot be used, instead we have to scan the QR code but if you use the Android emulator, you will be able to use WhatsApp on your computer just like you do on your mobile.

  • If your computer’s RAM is low, your Bluestacks application may perform very slowly.
  • You can turn on Performance Mode to increase the response time of your Bluestacks
  • You can enable virtualization setting to increase Bluestacks performance
  • You can set your computer’s power performance to high performance. During this time your computer’s battery consumption may increase, your computer may get a little hot, but your Bluestacks will perform very fast during high performance

Note: Bluestacks is not the only android emulator but there are many android emulators available. If you don’t like bluestacks then you can use any other blistex software which you will get in less size because bluestacks size is more than 500 MB. While many Android emulators will be available to you in a size less than this, here are some of the top Android emulators.

  • BlueStacks
  • Nox player
  • No player
  • Genymotion 

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