How to install and uninstall WordPress plugins

WordPress is a blog service that every blogger loves and its reason is the features of WordPress which are very helpful for creating a blog/website. Everyone likes to make their own blog on WordPress. I am also one of them is also installed on WordPress.

And maybe you have already installed WordPress. Because you want to know how to install and uninstall the plugin in a WordPress blog about which this article will help you completely.

Here we will tell you many ways to install and uninstall the WordPress plugin. All the methods can be used in different conditions.

How to install a plugin in WordPress blog?

  1. Go to your Wp-admin dashboard and click on the pluginHow to install wordpress plugins, go to plugins and click on add new button
  2. Now click on plugins, If you have already installed some plugin, you can see it here. But you have to install another new plugin so click on the add new button.
  3. Now here you will get many options such as featured plugin, popular plugin, recommended plugin, you can do whatever you want to install the plugin. The featured plugin contains very important plugins for every blog/website such as Akismet Anti-SpamClassic EditorJetpack. In the same way, you will find very good plugins in popular plugins which are very important for a blog. If you don’t find the plugin you want, you can search. Just type the name of that plugin in the search box.
  4. Now click on the install button of the plugin you want to install. After installation is complete, click on the activate button.Just search and click on the install butoon

Now your desired plugin has been installed on your WordPress blog and you will be redirected to the plugin homepage from where you can deactivate or uninstall any of your plugins. You can also read this guide (How to install/uninstall plugin in WordPress) with wpbeginnerWordPressShoutMeLoud.

If you want to install more WordPress plugins, you can repeat the same process again. yes but now you have just installed the plugin on your blog, now you have to do its settings.

But the setting option of all plugins is not the same, the setting of the plugin depends on which plugin you have installed.

by the way, most plugins setting can be found at the plugins home, but those that are not available there will be found in the menu, setting, and tools. Because It depends on your plugin which plugin you have installed.

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Now it’s time to learn how to install the downloaded plugin in the WordPress blog?

For your information, I want to tell you that if you want to download any WordPress plugin on your computer, you can download it from

Even if you have a downloaded WordPress plugin, you can install it very easily by uploading it to your blog. But there is no point in downloading the plugin, it is better than downloading, install it directly in the blog as mentioned above.

But let’s assume that you have a downloaded plugin, how will you install it on your blog? Don’t worry, follow these steps to install your downloaded WordPress plugin.

How to install a downloaded WordPress plugin?

  1. Go to the wp-admin panel and click on plugins and then click on the add new button.
  2. Now click on the “upload plugin” button and after clicking on “choose file” select your file and click on open and then press the install button.Install plugin from your device
  3. You can see a message – Unpacking the package, Installing the plugin, Plugin installed successfully. To activate your installed plugin, click on the activate button.

Your plugin is now installed and activated and you have redirected to the plugin homepage. You can deactivate and uninstall any plugin from here.

Let’s know how to deactivate and uninstall plugin?

But remember deactivation and uninstallation is not equal.

When you deactivate any plugin, that plugin still keeps all your settings and data safe, but after uninstall the plugin is completely removed from your blog and loses all data & settings.

How to deactivate a WordPress plugin?

  1. Go to your Wp blog and click on the plugin you can see the full list of your plugins.
  2. Click on the deactivate button which you want to deactivate.

You have successfully deactivated your desired plugin, although this plugin has not been deleted from your blog, now it will not work. And yes whatever data you had in this plugin is still safe, ie after activating this plugin, it will start working with the same settings again.

How to uninstall a WordPress plugin?

As mentioned above, you already know how to deactivate the plugin.

  1. To uninstall the plugin, first, it has to deactivate. After that, the delete button will appear instead of the deactivate button.
  2. Click on the “delete” text button now a notification will appear, click on “ok”.

Now your WordPress plugin is uninstalled and if you reinstall this plugin, you will have to do all the settings again.

Now I am going to give you some more important information about uninstalling the plugin
Sometimes it happens that we are not able to open our wp-admin dashboard. Especially when there is an error in our blog.

When it was about 5 – 6 days after I made my blog, I installed a plugin on my blog and as soon as it activated my blog got an error.

Although before that I had installed many plugins but never had this happen

And it is also true that I was very scared because of that error, I could not understand anything what should I do because my blog was not being open.
And my wp-admin dashboard was not even opening that I try to fix this error from my Wp dashboard.

But its best solution is to delete the blog’s plugin from Cpanel.
Because all the data that we keep on our blog is saved in the root folder of our server and if we delete them from our Cpanel root folder, our WordPress will not be able to access that data.

However, no one needs to delete/uninstall the plugin from Cpanel, if you ever need it, follow these steps.

Let’s know how to uninstall WordPress plugin from Cpanel

  1. First of all, login in your Cpanel and click on the file manager. You can see the root folders of your blog, you can edit, upload, delete any file from here. But do not tamper with it without better information because all these files are necessary for your blog.Go to files
  2. Now scroll down and open public_html file, Continuously go to these files Public_html>Wp content>Plugins.Now click on the public html to install lugin
  3. Just tap on any plugin you want to remove, after selecting it you will see many options in the header, one of which is delete.
  4. Click on the delete button and here you can check and uncheck trash option, finally click on the confirm button to uninstall/delete your plugin.Select a plugin and click on the delete button

Now when you go to your wp dashboard you will see the error message of that plugin but there is nothing to worry about it, you can ignore it.

You have successfully uninstalled your WordPress plugin.

You learned how to install and uninstall WordPress plugin, how did you find this article, tell us in the comments, your opinion is valuable for us.

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