How to increase views on youtube videos fast & free

Are you a YouTuber? Do your channel getting enough views. If your youtube channel is getting enough views then it is great. But if your youtube channel is not getting views, Even then there is no concern. Because we are going to give you some tips from which you can increase views on your YouTube video.

How to increase views on YouTube videos

By the way, everyone wants to increase views on his youtube channel. Although this is a bit tricky because everyone wants to move forward and it’s obvious that if one goes ahead then the second will be behind.

But there is nothing to worry about we can go ahead of our competitor, or can not go. Because if you are a beginner YouTuber or old but if your youtube channel is not getting enough views then your first work is increasing views on your YouTube channel so that you can become a successful YouTuber.

How to increase views on YouTube videos

Video quality for increase views on youtube videos

Amit bhadana

You can see an Indian youtuber’s YouTube channel “Amit bhadana“.

Currently, only a few videos have on their YouTuber channel “58” but their subscriber’s quantity unreliable. I am not saying that there is no YouTuber like them. But just only on few videos, getting so much subscriber is a big thing.

I have not seen any YouTuber that has 13583000+ subscribers in just 58 videos.

If you have seen any YouTuber, which has 13583000+ subscribers in just 58 videos, then tell us about it in the comment. I am just saying that because I have not seen any such YouTube channel so far.

And one best thing is that you will not see any special editing in their youtube videos, but their videos are still very best.

But if you want to edit your videos then you can use this software Just like – Adobe premiere, Camtasia etc

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As you know thumbnails is not an SEO process, but still very important because it attracts Peoples, so that you can get lots of help to increase views on youtube videos.

When any person watches any video on YouTube, YouTube shows many videos related to viewers’ interest.

So, in this case, it is important to know which video the viewer will click on, So you can make it your goal.

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Use video links on your video I button

You have watched a lot of youtube videos that have an “i” button and some videos links appear in this button, just like this, when I button shows link on your video, If anyone clicks on your appeared video link then they will reach on your appeared youtube video.

And if someone directly clicks on the I button, they will be able to see the list of your videos, which you selected for your I button in this youtube video.

Insert approximately 2-3 videos into the I button of all your videos, A nice thing about I button is that you can set the time of link arrival.

You have given some video links on your youtube video’s I button then do not think that you will get lots of views immediately. Because I button does not work to bring new viewers, I button aims to show your selected videos to your current viewers.

Add i link to increase views on youtube videos

If you want to know that how to add video links on the youtube video, you can go here how to add cards on youtube videos to increase views on videos

you can see here in short

Go to youtube dashboard click on videos’ edit text ( only on youtube classic dashboard )

click on cards and click on add cards, in the video or playlist click on create, select video and click on create the card.

Add a unique title in your youtube video

Always put unique titles because you know that title is the most important part of our video, the title is largely responsible for every result of your youtube video.

In the title, you must use keyword and if possible make your keyword long tail.

Add links in your video’s description

As you know, we can put any text, links in the YouTube video’s description. But this does not mean that you add anything in the description.

Mean that add the best description and if you have any necessary link for this video then add it in the video, because possibly viewer can check description so if they will get any link then not all but definitely some viewers can go on your links. According to me, this can help you to increase traffic on your youtube videos.

Don’t forget to add keywords in your video’s metadata

The keyword is a most important thing, if your youtube video is non-competitive then there is no problem but if your video is on competitive topic then the keyword is most important for your every video.

Because keyword can rank a video in search results but remember that only keyword is not enough, you have to focus on every matter, which I mentioned here to increase views on youtube videos.

Video end screen

To Increase views on YouTuber videos, creating video end screen is a good decision because by this process you can select any video in your way, as you wish and also you can add subscribe buttons.

You’re a YouTuber, definitely, you have watched many videos on YouTube and if some times you have noticed that many videos show end screen ( some videos and maybe even subscribe button).

Youtube video end screen looks just like this, You can set the end screen video, button anywhere under the video frame.

Really this is amazing to increase views on youtube video because if you will not add video end screen then videos of other channels appear in the end screen of your videos, As a result, your viewers go to another channel, But when we add end screens, only our selected videos will appear on here, And in such a situation surely your views will increase .

Add youtube video end screen to increase views on youtube video-min

Upload video on your YouTube channel regularly for increase views on youtube videos

You can find help in growing views on your YouTube videos by continuity, One of the biggest reality is that your video quality is everything, As I’ve told you already.

But also remember that “regularity” is most important to increase views fastly on your YouTube videos.

But remember that regularity also has a limit, so we have to upload videos in such a way that no one feels bored and enough video is available for them.

According to me, uploading a video every day is a good thing, But suppose that you can’t do it daily, don’t worry, no problem. No problem if you are not able to upload videos every day. But do not break more than two days to uploading videos.

I have told about continuity on here, it does not mean that you upload multiple videos in one day Because if you do this then your audience will get upset and bored with you, and your views can decrease.

Yes, sometimes uploading multiple videos is the other matter, but do not upload multiple videos every day on your youtube channel, Upload a video every day or a day interval.

So, the viewers will stay connected on our channel and keep watching our videos.


Description helps us greatly to increase views on our YouTube videos. Not everyone, but there are many such YouTuber who ignore description, If you are one of them, then know that you are doing a big mistake.

According to me use at least 100 words, suppose that even if you are also using minimum words in the description there is no problem.

But on the competitive topic, you have to add a minimum of 100 words.


I hope you will be familiar with the tag, Because you use any social media, but almost the tag option will be found on all sites.
just like tag with the category, tag with friend etc, If you use sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, then, of course, you will know about the tag.

As you tag your friends on Facebook, in exactly the same way you have to tag keywords and categories in your youtube videos.

You have to add some keywords and focus keywords in your videos’ tag.

Work according to your interests

Many people start working on any topic because they think only about earning money, And because of greed, they can not do anything for a long time.

Although everyone starts their YouTube channel just to make money, this does not mean that anything is done in any way.

Because you know well that if we work much better then we can achieve success soon, But first of all, you have to understand yourself.

Which work you can do best, what do you like, what is your interest, because you can not do anything better than your interesting work.

If you work on the topic which you like then anything is not difficult, and if you want you can do it but it depends only on your interest. If you work by looking at someone else’s success then it will be very difficult for you.

You see others, look at their ideas, look at their success. We will not refuse at all but work according to your interest.

Such as – Comedy, Singing, Dance, Gaming, Technology, Recipe, teaching, reviews, sport, decoration, news, business, online work, etc.

There are so many topics. Start your YouTube channel on the topic on which you can work more better, note that your interest can increase views on your youtube videos easily and fastly.

Work according to viewers

We told you to work according to your interest so that you can increase views on your videos But also you have to pay attention to the interest of your viewers.

Read comments, how your viewers react on your video.

learn from your existed videos, Try to make videos related to that video on which you get the best results from your audience.

Always work as a successful YouTuber

Whether you are a new or old YouTuber. Always work just like a successful YouTuber this is a great tip to increase views on YouTuber videos in less time.

Because in the beginning people often do not pay attention to making good videos thinking that currently I have no subscribers And thinks that when our subscribers increase we will make better videos, but this is absolutely wrong.

Because in reality, we need to work hard in the beginning, we can get maximum views in the shortest time by hard work.

Remember that the channel is new or old, it does not matter.

i mean if you work hard and smart, you can grow your YouTube channel in just 3-4 month and then never you will ask these questions that how to increase views on YouTube videos.


Well branding is not a big thing, Branding is a subscribe button, that is, branding is a subscribe button and its specialty is that this subscribe button appears on the youtube video.

Youtube has given us already a subscribe button but that button appears below our videos. so if you want to add multiple subscribe button on your video then you can add this branding subscribe button.

Branding looks like a watermark on the videos and when viewers move the cursor on this watermark button then this button appears properly, Anyone can subscribe to your channel by clicking on this button.

And obviously, if your subscriber increases, your views will increase automatically.

Do you have any website or blog

If you have a blog then it’s great because your blog can help to increase views on your youtube videos, Insert your post’s related video into your posts and also add youtube button with your blog’s social button.

If you do not add your youtube videos to your posts, don’t worry, no problem, but you must add a YouTube button into your blog.

So that the viewer of your blog can easily come to your youtube channel, How many views will increase on your YouTube channel from your blog, it depends on the traffic of your blog that how much views you can increase from your blog.

Try to increase views on your YouTube video through social media

Social media is a big platform to increase views on YouTube videos, so why you are so late, increase your on social media and share your youtube videos on social media and increase views on your youtube videos.

When we are new and nobody knows about our YouTube channel, We have no other better option than social media to promote channel and increase view on youtube videos.

But remember, do not share too much on the same social media site Otherwise, your social account may be blocked.

Final words on how to increase views on YouTube video

you can learn with them that how to increase views on youtube videos Wikihow, Unamo, see3.

I have told you here several ways on here that will help you to increase views on your YouTube videos. If you work according to these steps then you will get a very good result, Your views will grow very quickly.

When you work hard you will feel great. So while not late start feeling great and if you like it then do not forget to share it with your friends and family. And yes, do not forget to give your opinion in the comment.

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