How to increase internet speed

Many people are worried because of their low internet speed. Because internet speed is low. So there is a lot of problem in internet browsing. So in some conditions internet speed can be increased. About which we will know in this article how to increase internet speed. How to run fast internet. And this is not a trick but a method. Because if you want to increase your internet speed. So first of all you have to know why your internet is slow after all. How to increase internet speed.

Whatever methods we will tell you in this post, you have to implement all those methods. Because by adopting only one method, you will not be able to increase your internet speed.

How to increase internet speed

Check Network Coverage

So first of all you have to see, how far is the network tower from your current location. And if the network coverage is not good at your location. So you will have problem in increasing your internet speed. So first of all check the strength of your nearest network tower at your location.

  • Go to the settings of your phone and click on About phone. (About phone option is found at the top of some phones, then at last in some phones and in additional setting in some phones. So just go to About phone), and if you are a vivo user. So go to Settings and click on More Settings. In this you will get the option of About phone.Go to about section of your phone
  • Scroll the page a bit, and you will find the option of Sim status (Sim1Status, Sim2Status). Click on the sim card with which you use the internetClick on on the number of sim card for which you want to check network strength
  • Now in this you will see the signal strength of that sim card. As you can see in the image below. The signal strength is -97dBm, which is perfect for an average internet speed.You can see signal strength

And if your signal strength is also within -100dBm. So you can get good internet speed. But if your signal strength is between -100 – 110 dBm then you will get low internet speed. And if your signal strength is -110dBm+. So your internet speed will be very slow.

The closer you go to the netwok tower, the better this strength will become. And if your signal strength is -90dBm or less, then you will get fast internet speed.

So if your signal strength is -110dBm. Or is crossing it, then you should think about buying sim card of any other company. Which has a signal strength of at least -100dBm in your area. And if the signal strength is within -90dBm then it is better.

Optimize your phone for fast internet speed

Remove unnecessary Apps

Uninstall unnecessary apps, because all the apps are always using data without any reason. And also overload the phone, due to which the phone becomes slow. And at the same time the internet of your phone also becomes slow. So delete the apps that you do not use.

network management of existing apps

Now the remaining aaps, which you do not use. Or you do not need internet to use them. So you turn off Internet access for them.

The option to turn off data for any app is in the app manager / app. After that go to Apps and the app for which you want to turn off internet access. You can turn off internet access by clicking on it. This happens in most phones, but in some phones this setting may be different.

Like in the network setting in vivo phone. For network management of vivo user apps navigate like this.

Setting > Dual sim and Mobile netwok > Data Monitor > Network Management All apps will be visible here. For which you can turn on/off netwok l. And system app will also be found last in this list, close all system apps.

Turn off network access

Use a Lightweight Cover

First of all, if you use cover. So remove it. And if you do not want to remove the cover. So use a lightweight cover that does not restrict the signal.

Do data roaming on

However, roaming has to be turned on when moving to another state. But you can turn on roaming even though you are in the same state, so that there will be some improvement in you. Because the data consumption is high when the data is roaming on. But we get the best speed.

Choose Fast Browser

By the way, everyone uses chrome. Which is quite fast and safe, but loads chrome websites in the same way. The way they are, and in such a way many scripts, ads etc. are loaded. Which increase the loading time, and you do not get fast internet speed. But the way we are telling, in this way you can experience high speed internet even in low internet speed.

For this we would suggest you firefox lite/firefox. Because firefox is lite as well as fast, and it also has the option of turbo mode. So that you will be able to use the internet faster.

And if you use firefox, then you will get the option of Add Ons. And you will be able to increase your internet browsing speed by installing the extension.

Turn off website notifications

Often when we visit websites, websites ask us for notification. And those who have no idea about this. They allow for notifications. Due to which your internet speed is affected. However, notifications of only a few websites do not have any effect. But when you allow many websites, it affects the internet speed.

As you can see in the image below, how many websites’ notifications have been blocked in this. Just imagine how much impact it would have had if these notifications were on.

If you use chrome browser then navigate something like this

Three dots > Settings > Site settings > Notifications > Here you will see the allowed/blocked sites. block all allowed sites

Tune of notification

Use web instead of app

Although apps are faster than browsers. But different types of scripts and ads are loaded in the apps. Due to which you may experience slow internet speed, and in this condition we would suggest that you use firefox browser. Because you can prevent the rest of the contents from loading through the extension. And only the main content will be loaded, so that you can experience very fast internet speed.

Internet speed is most important in increasing. The signal strength about which we have told you above. And some other ways have also been told, how to increase internet speed and how to run fast internet. But even if the signal strength is good, you are not getting internet speed. So it means that the tower whose signal is being used by your mobile. There is too much traffic on it, or there is an issue by the ISP. To solve this, you can call your ISP (Telecom company), and share your problem.

how to increase internet speed of computer

If you have problem of slow internet speed in computer, and you want to know. How to increase internet speed or how to use fast internet. So first of all the speed of your modem, hotspot etc. should be good. For example, if you use internet in computer by connecting to your phone hotspot, then internet should be fast in your phone. Which you can fast with the above mentioned methods.

Prefetch, temp, %temp% file clean करें

  • If you have never cleaned your Prefetch file, then you may have the problem of slow internet speed. So first clean the prefetch file
  • Press Windows + R and type prefetch and OK. If permission is asked, allow it. And select files by doing ctrl + a. And delete all the files.
  • In the same way open windows + r by typing temp and %temp% file and delete the files

Unnecessary extensions remove करें

If you have installed such extensions, which use data. And if you don’t use them, uninstall them. Turn off site notifications, and keep your browser up to date. Because the computer does not have a way to increase the internet speed, because the computer is not supported. Rather you have to use internet in computer from mobile hotspot, wifi, broadband etc. So you have to increase the internet speed of your isp supported device.

In this article you learned how to increase internet speed. We hope this information will prove useful to you.