How to increase AdSense earning in just a few steps

Adsense is a biggest source of earnings, though we can’t earn directly from it. We need to have an online platform such as YouTube channel, blog/ website. , how to make money from AdSense.

It is complicated for a beginner to manage AdSense and this is the reason that the AdSense earning of beginners is very less. And this happens only because they do not have proper knowledge of AdSense.

For this reason, many beginners are not even able to get approval for Adsense, if your Adsense account has not been approved yet, learn how to get AdSense approval. Add Adsense ads to your blog. By the way, after some time your earning can increase by itself. But not too much, or maybe not, but here I will tell you some ways from which you will be able to increase your earning, but only when you follow it well.

First of all, You need to know that AdSense doesn’t depend on a single matter. which you can follow to increase your AdSense earning. Rather, many facts are responsible for increasing AdSense earning. You can also read this guide with shoutmeloudrankxlreliablesoft.

How to increase AdSense earning

Use high paying CPC keywords

Adsense CPC is based on a keyword to a great extent, I hope you know what is a keyword. Yes, all keywords have different CPC rates, the higher the high paying keyword you use, the better along CPC you will get. And you will be able to increase your AdSense earning very easily.

With a high CPC keyword, you can get about 5 – 50 $ on just one click. And you should know that some high CPC clicks are great compared to a lot of low CPC. There are many keyword research tools that you can use for keyword research.

Researching keywords will give you a lot of ideas, such as how much CPC you can get on which keyword, and how often the keyword is searched on the web. I also used the keyword research tool but now I don’t because I don’t need it anymore.

Even when you use keyword research tools for some time, you won’t even need it because using a few days gives us a lot of ideas and then we can write articles with our ideas without using keyword research tools. I also used the keyword research tool but now I don’t because I don’t need it anymore.

Even when you use keyword research tools for some time, you won’t even need it because using a few days gives us a lot of ideas and then we can write articles with our ideas without using keyword research tools.

Ad unit

The amount of ad unit also means a lot for AdSense CPC. To place an ad on the blog, we get ad code that we use in our blog at the desired place. We use ads in more than one place, but it’s important to have it according to the page.

If your content is too small and you’re using too many ads on it, obviously you won’t be able to increase AdSense earning.

Although Adsense has removed the three ad unit rules, it doesn’t mean you can use too much ad on one page.

Yes, we have to use ads in the limit only then we will be able to increase our earning. If you have content with a length of 1000-1500 words, use only the maximum 3 Adsense ads. If you have 2000+ word content, you can use 4 ads.

I don’t use more than four ads myself, no matter how long the article may be. Because using more ads reduces our CPC and users don’t like even content with more ad. Using more ads can reduce traffic on our blogs.

Use a better ad type

Adsense provides a variety of ads and you’ll have to choose ads based on the place of your blog post, so you get a better response and you can maximize your earning. Although the best ad is a responsive Adsense ad, you can also use it in your blog if you like another ad.

You can customize the Adsense ads as you want to customize, which you will know in this article. How to create/Customize AdSense ads. I wouldn’t recommend using any kind of fixed ad because I use responsive Adsense ads myself that you can see in my blog content. And it gives me a very good result, that is, a very good earning.

The biggest advantage is that responsive ad works very well on all devices while there is a problem performing the fixed ad on cross devices. That can reduce our earnings. The rest depends on you which ad you want to use.

Choose a clean and clear location for AdSense ads

It is important to place an ad in the right place to increase Adsense earning. Wrong ad placement may cause our AdSense earning low.

It is your responsibility to do correct ad placement so that the ad can appear well and users can also easily understand that it is an ad.

Yes, there are a lot of disadvantages of ad-adding in confusing places, one of which is that ad performance problem and it can affect your AdSense CPC.

And when we place ads in deceptive places then users also get confused about whether it is an ad or image, then there are chances of an accidental click. And when accidental ad clicks occur, AdSense CPC becomes very low. If this happens too much then your AdSense account may also be blocked.

Although you have not placed an ad in any confusing place, there are many such places in blog posts where the chances of accidental click are very high, such as images, near headings, near links, etc. Always try not to place AdSense ads near such places so that your CPC does not decrease but increase.

Consider increasing the length of the content

The length of your content also matters a lot in earning AdSense. Earning is often less on small content, so you have to pay attention to your content length as well.

This will increase your earnings and also help SEO.

Increase traffic

Even if you’re following all the ways to increase AdSense earning, if your blog doesn’t have traffic, all is waste. Yes, earning from AdSense will not be possible even if the traffic is meager.

Due to low traffic, your CPC will also be very down. When the traffic on your blog will increase, AdSense CPC will also increase and along with it, your earning will also increase because your clicks will also increase. I hope you know how to increase traffic on the blog. Increasing traffic on blogs is a huge task you need a lot of information.

However, even after so much information, we definitely cannot say how much traffic will increase on your blog. Because it depends on how and how much you work. We can only guide but you have to do the work. So try to do a little hard and smart work, maybe you can get success soon.

Even if you don’t follow another way to increase Adsense earnings, if there’s enough traffic on your blog, believe that you can earn a lot from AdSense. So now your main purpose should be to increase traffic on your blog

If possible, try to block low CPC ads (use the allow / block tool)

By the way, every possible attempt of Google Adsense is to show high potential CPC ads everywhere. But there are still a lot of ads, from which we can’t earn too much, that is, their CPC is very low. But there is nothing to worry about. We can also block them so that they don’t appear on our blogs, but only high CPC ads.

So that our Adsense earnings can increase. And after blocking ads, you can allow whenever you want, Adsense blocking control will be in your hands.

Let’s know how to block low paying CPC Adsense ads

I’d suggest you use the block / allow tool only when you are getting a minimum of 1000 impressions of your AdSense ads every day so that you can get an idea of what ad’s performance is on your blog.

So that you can block those ads which are reducing your earning. Simply we have to go to our AdSense account and block those ads whose impressions are high and earning less.

  • Go to, in your account and click on the “blocking controls”. From here you can block/allow your Adsense ads. You have many options to block ads.
  • The first one is “ad review center” from here you can block a single ad. Just click on the block icon of the ad you want to block, that ad will be blocked.

Review ads and block ads to increase adsense earning

By clicking on find related ads, you can review similar ads and block them. But I would not advise blocking ads in this way, although if you like you can, of course, I do not like this method. Now let’s know another way to block ads.

Go to general categories in blocking control to allow block adsense ads.

  • Click on all sites
  • Here you will find 6 ways to block ads, one of which is general categories.
  • Click on Manage General categories
  • Now you will get all categories of Adsense ads here. And there are categories and subcategories. From here, click on the block enable button of any category you want to block.

I have blocked a adsense ad category to increase my earning.

But remember that it is not appropriate to block any category without thinking it can also reduce your earning.
If there are about 5000 ad impressions every day, it would be better to use the block/allow option only because in such a situation we can be sure from which category our earning is decreasing and we block it.

Because when our impressions are too low, that is, the traffic on our blog is very low, it becomes hard to decide which ad category is not performing well. But if you want to use this feature, there is no problem you can use it. But I’ll strongly recommend you if your ad impressions are less than 1000, you don’t use it at all.

Because in such a situation you will block the wrong category and your earning may decrease.

Are you ready to block the low-performance category?

Impression and earning% of all categories are also visible in front of them. You just have to see which category has the impression% more and earning% are less. Just check the category and subcategory, block the category whose impression% is very high and earning% is very low.

But remember that we do not have to block an entire category, we have to check the subcategory one by one, block the category of high impressions and low earning.

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  1. CPC/CPM/PPC is the most crucial factor if your blogs main monetization factor of Google Adsense. I’m practicing very hard to increase my Adsense earnings because they are very low in my blogs. I’m working with keywords in articles, and I’m praying I can get something more from it. Anyways its an excellent article about increasing Adsense earnings. You have discussed all the key points for increasing CPC of Adsense Ads. Thanks!

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