How to hack YouTube channel

Note: The purpose of this information is to help YouTube creators to protect their YouTube channel from hacking.

Although it is not easy to hack YouTube channel, but if you get some personal information of a YouTube channel, you can do it very easily, which is Gmail account and password, but in this also a condition applies that If Two Step Verification has been implemented in the Gmail account of that person’s YouTube channel, then you cannot do it in any condition.

how to hack youtube channel 

How to hack a YouTube channel

YouTube channel can be done in many ways, in which the first way is that you can get the Gmail account and password of that person by doing any method.

Another way is that a spy program is install in the device of the person whose YouTube channel you want to hack.

The third method is phishing, which creates a page resembling YouTube and enters its information to login to YouTube, and that information reaches the hacker.

first way

  1. First of all get the gmail account of the person whose youtube channel you want to hack
  2. And also get password of gmail account
  3. Login to Google on your device
  4. Now you can open YouTube and access his channel
  5. Now go to his google account and change mobile number and recovery mode
  6. Or if you want, transfer that YouTube channel to any of your other e-mail

But if that person has enabled two step verification in his Gmail account, you will not be able to verify that person’s YouTube, because when you try to login in your phone with his Gmail password, then an OTP will be sent to his mobile number, and you will not be able to login without that OTP.

Note: This information has been given for the purpose of making you aware, so read this information and keep your YouTube channel safe.

another way

Data has to be collected by installing a spy program on the victim’s device, and such hoaxes often trap YouTubers as hacker sponsors.

third way

  1. First create a phishing page for youtube
  2. Send that phising page to that person by giving a message so that that person opens that page
  3. When he will open and enter credentials, his gmail id and password will reach to you
  4. Open youtube and login by entering that gmail and password

Note: If that person has activated Two Step Verification in their Gmail account, you will not be able to access their YouTube channel.

What to do if youtube channel is hacked

First of all, you have to maintain your YouTube channel in such a way that no one can access your YouTube channel, you will not need to do much for this, rather you have to implement two step verification in your Gmail account. After which no one will be able to access your YouTube channel even if Gmail/password is stolen in any way, because whenever any person wants to login through your Gmail and password, they have to go through an extra security For which an OTP will come on your mobile number, and without entering that OTP, that person will not be able to login, and when they try to login, and OTP will come to you, then you can automatically understand that someone is Trying to login to your gmail who also has your password, and you should change your gmail password immediately.

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