How to hack Facebook account

Note: The purpose of this information is to make you aware of such methods, using which hackers can hack your Facebook account, so get this information and keep your Facebook account safe.

If any person hacks your Facebook account and you have also shared personal information on your Facebook account, and people close to you are connected to your Facebook account, it can cause you a lot of problem, That the hacker can delete the post on your Facebook account, or do any kind of financial transaction with your Facebook friends, and even that hacker can post pornographic posts from your Facebook account, which can become a big problem for you. 

how to hack facebook account 

How to hack facebook account

hack facebook through otp

Most of the people create and use Facebook account through mobile number only, if you get his mobile number for a few moments, or if victim do not have much information about mobile then you can hack his Facebook account very easily. and you must have his mobile number, after that you will need only one OTP, and he will not even know that you have hacked his facebook account, you will be able to make any changes in his facebook account.

  1. First open Facebook and click on Forgot Password
  2. Enter the mobile number of the person whose Facebook account you want to hack
  3. Click on that person’s name will appear
  4. Click on Send OTP
  5. Now OTP will be sent to that person’s mobile number by Facebook, get that OTP and enter it in that box.
  6. Now enter a password which will set the new password for that Facebook account
  7. Click on continue, in this you will get the option to logout from other device, leave it as it is do not logout otherwise that person will find out, and he will change password of his facebook account again

Now you have hacked that person’s Facebook account, you can see that person’s personal information, chats, posts, etc., and can also post from his Facebook account, but if you want to hack that person’s Facebook account for a long time, then do not make any changes in that person’s Facebook account and do not post more, because if you do something like this, he will suspect that his Facebook account has been hacked.

hack facebook using keylogger

Keylogger can be more beneficial when multiple people use your device, as it is a program that saves the words that are typed in its own directory.

If someone asks your device that I want to use facebook in your phone for a short time or your cyber cafe then you can use this method just install keylogger application in your phone before giving your device to that person, and activate it so that the keylogger will save all the words you type, and you’ll know what he typed, even if he’s typing anything on your device Like in WhatsApp or give a normal message or on Facebook or call someone, then that number etc. everything gets saved in the keylogger.


Phishing is a method by which people are misled and their data is stolen, because through phishing a page is created exactly like the content that has to be hacked, if you want to hack someone’s Facebook account. you have to create a phishing page like a Facebook home page, and send it to the person whose Facebook account you want to hack, and that person will think that he has reached the Facebook home page and has his mobile number in it. And will login by entering the password, but it is a phishing page on which the information entered will reach you, like password and mobile number, and you will be able to open his Facebook account using that mobile number and password.

  1. Visit the Fishing Page Maker website
  2. create your account
  3. select facebook phishing page
  4. send the link to the phishing page to the person whose Facebook account you want to hack 
  5. When that person enters his/her login credentials on it, his/her password and mobile number will be received on your phishing account/email
  6. Open Facebook and login by entering its password and mobile number

what happens when facebook is hacked

It happens that hacking people’s Facebook account hacker asks for money from the people of their friend list, that I need some money, give it, I will return you soon, for this give the option to transfer money online and that person will think that it is my friend and is asking for money from me and maybe he will give the payment, if that person does this then the payment goes to the hacker.

And in some conditions, people act and harass them for personal information or to harass people by posting obscene messages from their Facebook account etc.

So if you are a Facebook user, we suggest that you do not keep any of your personal information on Facebook, which can cause you problems.

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