How to grow hair faster

Hair loss and slow growth is a very common problem and everyone is facing this problem, due to which many factors are responsible such as our lifestyle, food habits, our scalp. Massage and its care method, etc., if we pay attention to all the things in time, then we can slow down the speed of our hair fall, and our hair will be much better, more thick and thick but if you have hair fall So don’t think about any miracle to get new hair, because if your hair has completely fallen out or there is a complete fall on one part, then there is no miracle that will make your hair grow Apart from the transplant, yes, but if your hair is very breakable, it has become very thin or its growth has slowed down, then you can make it better in some ways.

How to make your hair grow Super fast overnight

You cannot make your hair grow like a miracle or make your hair thick in just one night, but for this you have to follow many methods and it may also take some time

  1. Minimize use of soap
  2. Gently massage your scalp with warm oil
  3. If you have dandruff problem then first of all try to remove dandruff
  4. If you have the problem of dandruff, then massage your scalp with lemon juice for two to three days in a week, and wash it with normal water after 5 to 10 minutes and do not use soap or shampoo during this time.
  5. If you have aloe vera available, then apply aloe vera paste for about 2 days in a week, remember that you do not have to use too much aloe vera, otherwise it can dry your skin.
  6. Improve your physical activity, exercise, all the methods mentioned above will help in making your hair better but don’t expect any miracle that your hair will suddenly become thick and start growing
  7.  Take Evion 400 tablets and in one leaf you will get 10 tablets, you can take them, it will work to give you vitamins but before taking it, consult a doctor, so that it can be about how many tablets you have to take and how many days interval
  8. If your hair has become very weak, the speed of their growth has become very slow, then whether you try any home remedies or medicines prescribed by the doctor, none will work miracles, but all will show the effect gradually, it will definitely take time but if you If you are not able to manage your good activity and hair care well, then there is very less chance that you will get good results, so you have to take great care.
  9. And if you want some miracle to happen in your hair as your hair starts growing, your hair growth becomes good then you can take PRP, but PRP also does not work well on everyone and if after PRP even your hair your hair is not better and the hair fall does not come back then no other medicine or home remedies will be able to make your hair better and after that you have only one way which is hair transplant

How to make your hair grow faster in 1 hour

There is no way to make your hair grow faster in 1 hour, but if you want, you can look all the thicker than your current ones, in such a situation, you can use a hair dryer but remember that If you have very weak hair, we would not suggest using a hair dryer at all, as it will have a negative effect on your scalp, which will gradually reduce the life of your hair.

why my hair growth is slow

The speed of hair growth and the reason for their loss are many, because if the hair breaks due to only one reason, then they have a normal speed, but when the hair starts breaking in the normal way, or the speed of their growth becomes very slow. So understand that there are many reasons due to which your hair is getting affected.

  1. If you have any kind of stress that tortures you mentally, you are always worried, then the life of your hair will be very short, so try to be stress free.
  2. If you use soap too much, then you will also have to face the problem of dandruff, because due to excessive use of soap, the natural oil disappears from our screen and the skin starts to remain dry, due to which dandruff starts growing on the head. And if dandruff persists for a long time, then our hair starts falling and the speed of hair growth also slows down.
  3. If you have more stress or you are a victim of loneliness, then you will try to go out, go to different types of places, because in such a situation you get a lot of energy, it is beneficial for your hair as well as your body.

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