How to get adsense approval for custom domain and blogspot blog

Maximum peoples feel that getting Adsense approval is hard. If you are one of them, then you are wrong. According to me, getting an Adsense account approved is very easy because I have an approved Adsense account And I know what to do and how to do.

So I know that what I do for getting Adsense approval. Although I had encountered problems getting Adsense approval for my blog.

And I had to face problems just because I did not have specific information about Adsense at the time. So I will give you some specific information to get Adsense approval so that you can get Adsense approval too easy and save your valuable time.

How to get Adsense approval from YouTube channel / WordPress blog / Blogspot blog

How to get adsense approval for blogspot blog and for custom domain-min

It is often seen that people continue to apply for Adsense but still does not get approval after all, what is the reason for disapproval.

If you are not getting Adsense approved then it’s your mistake because as I know getting Adsense approval is too easy.

I am saying one thing here, and if you understand it, then it will be very easy for you to get the approval of Adsense.
And if you understand this, you will not even need to read my full article. Because a special word is greater than the full article.

What do you have the Blogspot blog, custom domain’s blog, YouTube channel? 

Let’s take anything – Custom domain’s blog.

Suppose your blog is and you want to promote your product/services on xyz then what you will do.

In my opinion, First of all, you will review xyz that how this website works, how looks, how much content has on here, how much traffic comes on it. When you will fully satisfy with xyz, then you will promote your product/service at xyz otherwise, you will cancel it.

I mean that if you want to get Adsense approval, then think like an advertiser.

Currently, you have not enough quality contents, traffic is nothing but you are applying for approval of Adsense, what does this mean. So first of all stop to applying for Adsense and improve your blog’s quality and then see.

When your blog’s quality increases, your Adsense account will be approved in just one day. No one else, I am talking about myself, my Adsense account was just approved in 5 – 7 hours.

How to get Adsense approval?

I hope you have a blog or YouTube channel so that you can show ads on your blog/YouTube channel and make money.

After making a blog or a YouTube channel, what you need to do to get the approval of Adsense.

I hope you have submitted your blog to Google and other major search engines. Because traffic is most important and your blog can get traffic from search engines. And you know that traffic can increase the chance to get Adsense approval.

Write quality content

Quality content is the most important thing because everything depends on our content, So do not compromise to write the best content.

If you write the best quality content, it will be helpful for you in many ways.

Search engines will index your blog post quickly. Due to the long posting, your content will not match any other content, as a result, your content will rank well.

Your readers will also like your article, as a result, you can get good support from the audience.

And by writing quality content, getting Adsense approval can be very easy for you, because Google AdSense also likes quality content too much.

Do not publish a too small post

Although the content length does not matter too much more than content quality, my suggestion is that try to write long articles.

If you cannot make long posts then there is no problem, but try to use almost 1000 words in every article, But this does not mean, to prolong the article, write anything.

Lengthen the article, but with good information so that readers get good information from your article so that reader so that readers spend time on your blog. The readers’ interested in your blog will help you get the approval of Adsense.

Publish sufficient content

Reason for rejection of most people’s AdSense account is insufficient content.

But it is also true that most people want to know how much content needs to get an AdSense approval.

But now there are two situations
First of all – I’ve got AdSense approval on 9 articles for my apsole blog within 7 hours
Second – But there are about 30-40-50 articles on many blogs, but they have not got AdSense approval
But why and how

Now in this situation, nothing can be said that how many articles should be on the blog to get Adsense approval.

In my opinion, anyone can get Adsense approval within 10-20 articles. But in some cases AdSense can disapprove your application even if you have 30-40-50 articles. And there are many reasons and conditions for this.

If you write great articles, and your blog contents following AdSense’s policy, then definitely you can get Adsense approval within 10-20 articles. Because this is my personal experience and not once three times.

Suppose that you have 30-40 articles on your blog and you have not gotten Adsense approval, it is your mistake.

And maybe you have made some such mistakes – Your articles are very small, you are writing on the illegal topic or you are doing Copywrite.

So try to understand that only quantity is not enough, try to improve the quality of your blog and then quantity because the quality is greater than quantity.

Make the necessary pages

How to get adsense approval for blogspot blog and wordpress blog

Pages are the most important part of the blog/website. Because the page contains important information about the blog/website. Adding pages increase the importance of our blog.

Although it depends on the blog. What service are you serving on your blog and you can create your own page according to your services.

But there are some important pages that everyone should add to their blog. Like Privacy policy, the term of use, Sitemap, About us, contact us. And other many more pages you can create according to your services, but all these are necessary pages.

And it is not that it will take a lot of time. You can make all your pages very easily in a single day, then now make all pages without delay.

But for your info I want to tell you that when I got the approval of Adsense quickly to apsole then there was no page on my blog, Yes it is true that you can get Adsense approval without adding any page.

But remember, if you will add pages, the chances of AdSense getting approval will increase.

Add social follow and share buttons into your blog

I hope you have already added social follow buttons into your blog, but if you have not added it into your blog, then quickly add it into your blog, Because we can get a lot of benefit by social button.

Visitors of your blog can easily reach on your social account and follow you, as a result, you can increase your audience (followers/subscriber).

More viewers mean that it’s easy to get AdSense approval.

Blog design

The blog’s design also has a big role in Adsense approval, Because designing a blog too much can be misleading. So we have to focus too much on the blog’s design.

We should avoid using widgets, cards too much Just add only necessary things on the blog So that your blog looks perfectly clean and there is nothing misleading.

If you keep your blog completely clean you will get many amazing results. First, you will get a lot of help to get Adsense approval, Your blog’s page loading speed will be good.

Make sure you are at least 18 years old

To become an Adsense account holder, you must be at least 18 years old. Otherwise, you can not make Adsense account. But don’t worry, no problem if you are less than 18 years, then you can make your Adsense account on your father’s, mother’s name.

And when you are 18 years old, if you want, you can put your details in that Adsense account.

Note: Do not try to add fake DOB to get Adsense approval.

Publish original/fresh and legal content

You know that content is king, so why you are so late to publishing great contents on your blog. Great content I mean by original, fresh and legal content you can get Adsense approval within 24 hours. Because if you do something better on your blog then you can get an amazing response.

Do not write articles on any topic that is illegal, because writing articles on illegal topics is also an illegal act, and AdSense is never approved on illegal topics.

So try to publish fresh and legal content on your blog.

Avoid paid and spam traffic

Adsense does not like paid and spam traffic at all. But I do not mean that you can not promote your content anywhere.

If you are promoting your content on social media and on other great advertising networks then there is no problem. Because this traffic is beneficial for our blog. But there are many more networks that give traffic to the blog, directly or via mails or other wrong methods. You just have to avoid all these.

Yes, you may be confused whether we can promote the content of our blog on social media and on other great advertising networks, then I have to say that you can do this, because Because this process will not obstruct AdSense approval.

How old the blog should be for getting Adsense approval

Many people think that to get the approval of Adsense, the blog must be 6 months old. Although Adsense applies these rules to some countries.

But I have to say that you can get the approval of Adsense in just 1 week after creating a blog. But I want to say one thing that it is difficult for a beginner blogger.

Because you know that experience is a great thing. An experienced blogger can get Adsense approval in just one week after creating a new blog.

According to me, after creating a new blog we can get Adsense approval in just 1 month. Whether you are an old blogger or new.

If you do not get the approval of Adsense in 1 month after creating the blog, then it means that you are not working well on your blog.

Because suppose that if you are writing 1 article per day then your monthly article’s quantity is 30, and 30 content is enough to get Adsense approval.

Even I got the approval of Adsense only about 9 articles. Then why can’t you get Adsense approval within 30 articles?

Custom domain

I’m not saying that Adsense does not approve Blogspot blogs. But you should know that custom domain is great so if you are using a custom domain, then you can get Adsense approval in less time.

If you are using subdomain then remember that Adsense can take more time to approve your account. Because Blogspot blog’s value is very less than compared to the custom domain’s blog.

Okay, this is an Adsense approval case, but assume that there is no case of Adsense approval. Still, I would also suggest you use a custom domain for your blog, So don’t waste your valuable time and use WordPress

I will never suggest you Blogspot because I have multiple Blogspot blogs, I have worked on it almost 1.5 years and I know how much Blogspot is weak.

What should you do if your Adsense account gets disapproved?

If you want to get Adsense approval, then I know that you will not knowingly make any mistake, and hopefully, your Adsense account will be approved.

But assume that unfortunately your Adsense account gets disapproved. What will you do, In this condition? Many people frequently apply for their blog Adsense, but according to me, this is a bad thing.

First of all, find out why Adsense has disapproved your account, what’s lack or wrong with your blog. Check your email for this, Adsense has given reasons for disapproval.

The reason for most people’s Adsense accounts being disapproved is insufficient content. Fix problems that are mentioned in the mail and reapply for Adsense approval.

You can sign up for Adsense from here, Adsense signup, and note that if your blog on then you have to apply from Blogspot.

Note: Don’t use any copyright content on your blog.

About apsole’s Adsense approval

You can read this helpful guide with Shoutmeloud, Allbloggingtips, Wpquads

You are looking at my blog You will be happy to know that my Adsense account for apsole was fully approved within 7 hours. Yes, I’m not joking, it’s absolutely true. Approval date is 21 February 2019.

And the biggest thing is that there were only 9 articles on my blog. But getting approval on just 9 articles is a big thing. Because I have often seen that even though most people have 40-50 articles on their blogs, but they do not get the approval of Adsense. What’s the reason.

As far as the matter of Adsense account approval. According to me, anyone can get Adsense approval, only on 10 – 20 article within 24 hours. Yes, yes you too.

I have just told you about the approval of my Adsense account. So that you know that getting Adsense approved is not hard. Because most people say that getting Adsense approval is too hard, but according to me this is not true. Because I got Adsense approval too easily for my blog, only on 9 articles.

I hope that after following this article, your AdSense account will be fully approved I hope you will not forget to share this article with your friends.

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  1. Sir I have a custom domain on how to add it in Adsense, should I add it directly to the Adsense because the sign-up button is not showing in my blogger dashboard???

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