How to fix Phone hanging problem

There can be many reasons behind the hanging of an Android mobile and if you do not fix that problem of your phone, then gradually your phone will start hanging more, although the status of showing the phone also depends on this. What version of the phone are you using, and what is the hardware of your phone, that is, how much RAM and ROM of your phone and what processor is used, and how much load you are putting on your mobile because the phone The reason for the hang is also the overloading of the phone, and not only the phone, if you use a computer tablet, any device, and you overload it, then it will definitely hang, and if If not, then its response speed can be very slow.

For which some solutions have been made here and we suggest that you follow the SIM procedure so that you can avoid hanging your phone, because many people have a lot of garbage lying in their phones, which you do not pay much attention to. And even though their phone has quite good RAM and ROM, their phone still hangs, which damages the battery of the phone to a great extent, so you should not waste your phone. Have to clean too.

What to do if the phone is hanging

delete unused applications

There are many such applications in everyone’s phone which are of no use and are lying idle in our phone, these applications are lying in your phone which are not of your use, so without delay them Uninstalled, and there are some applications that are already provided by the company, which we cannot uninstall even if we want, but in such a situation you can disable that application, that is, the application which You can install it, uninstall it and what cannot be uninstalled, but if you do not use it, then disable that application by going to your application manager.

Use lite version apps instead of full version

Even if you use a very heavy size application, your phone can still hang, and there are many applications that are available in the lite version, such as Facebook, Facebook full version and lite version both. exists, and we suggest you to use facebook lite version, and see all application in the same way if use lite version then it takes less space in your phone, and runs much smoother and phone Hanging problem remains away.

use most of the things from the website

Most people download applications for whatever they want to use, like running Facebook or Twitter, Instagram, etc., and the more you install the application, the more load will increase on your phone, but you will not be able to use Facebook. You can also use social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and other websites without the application, for which you can open its website in Google Chrome, for example, if you want to use Facebook, then install the Facebook application rather than Google Chrome. Open in browser.

free up internal memory

Although the load of the application on the mobile is high and the normal media file does not load much, but if your phone’s memory is full, then you should think about deleting the media file of your phone, because If the phone space is full, then the phone will start to hang, because all the applications need some free space to run, and if your phone does not have free space then many of your applications in an unusual way. can behave.

Keep mobile software updated

Although updating mobile software does not improve the speed much, but each software update is well commented and features are included and we suggest that you check the software update by going to your phone’s settings If update is available then update your phone software

Use iManager or Cleaner

Cleaner tools are provided in almost all phones, with which you can clean your phone, which cleans your phone’s cache files and various types of files which are temporary files, and along with using the phone- With become automatic, and if you do not clean your phone through the cleaner for a long time, then too many temporary files are stored in your phone, and this tool is present in all the phones under different names like Vivo Lives in the phone under the name of iManager.

Restart the phone

If your phone hangs a lot then follow the above procedure and you will tell above, follow all the methods you can follow and after that you must restart your phone once.

reset the phone

You must try the above mentioned correct procedures once, we sincerely hope that your phone will start running faster than before, maybe the problem of your phone hanging will go away, but if the problem of your phone hanging is resolved If not, then the next option for you is to reset your phone, because when we reset our phone, the phone reaches the brand new phone condition, and this method will definitely work.

How to stop my phone from hanging

Reduce the load on your phone and use the lite version of the application, and use a website instead of an app to use more social media and other things, which you can open in google.

Why my phone is hanging too much

If your phone is hanging a lot, then your phone is definitely overloaded, or you have some program installed in your phone that is not working properly, in such a situation, you should immediately remove your phone from your phone. Unnecessary media files and applications should be deleted, and if the problem still doesn’t go away then you should consider resetting your phone

Why my phone is hanging while typing

Although the phone hangs during typing in a very rare case, but if you are facing this problem then it means that you have written a very long article in your text box, because if the phone’s RAM is not high. And if you type 1000+ words in any one text box, then your phone can start hanging while typing, and if it doesn’t start in 1000+ words then it can start hanging very quickly. That is, as the number of words in his article will increase, the performance of your phone will decrease.

But if you type a limited number of words in a text box, then you will not have to face the problem of hanging while typing.

Mobile hang problem solution app

If you think that by installing an application, you can fix the problem of your phone hanging, then this is your biggest misconception because when you install any additional application in your phone, then its load is also on your phone. and your phone’s performance will decrease further, which can cause your phone to start hanging more, so we suggest that you try all the methods mentioned above, definitely your phone has stopped hanging and you will get a better performance.

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