how to earn money from whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most used social media applications, and in such a situation, the question comes in the mind of many people whether we can earn money through WhatsApp or not, in such a situation our article will help you. , and you will be able to get information about the ways by which you can earn money from WhatsApp.

how to earn money from whatsapp

There are many ways to earn money online but earning money from WhatsApp is a bit hard, because there is no official way through which you can earn money from WhatsApp, but here are some temporary ways that you can use to earn money from WhatsApp. , but in this way it cannot be said at all that you will be able to earn money or not, and even if you can earn then not much, although we are giving you complete information that how you can earn money from WhatsApp , but we don’t want to waste your time so would suggest you if you want to earn money then try other ways to earn money online, because you will not be able to earn much money from whatsapp, you may not be able to earn at all .

make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way in which we have to sell a product or service, and we get some percent commission in that which is our income and for this there are amazon, flipkart, snapdeal or many other technology companies, whose affiliate marketing You can join and you will be given a link, you have to share that link in your WhatsApp contact group, and if any person wants to buy goods through this link then you will get commission.

And you can also guess how much income you can make from this, because let’s assume that if you share an affiliate link, then someone has bought a product and your income will be there, but how long it will last, of course. Will not do much because every day people will not buy goods/services through the link shared by you, although you can earn money from WhatsApp but in our view this is time to waste, rest is your wish.

earn money from whatsapp by referral

There are many such services on which you have to create your account and if any person creates an account through your code, and is active on it, then you will get commission from it, for example google pay, hosting and domain companies. etc, but in this method also the same process that you have to share in your whatsapp group and contact, but it depends on how many people join or not with your shared referral code.

If you are thinking of a good income then you cannot earn money from WhatsApp, rather you have to adopt any other source for this, like blogging or working on YouTube or if you want, you can do stock marketing. , there are methods which are completely fine, and you can work on them with all your hard work and earn a good amount of income.

can earn money from whatsapp

No, money cannot be earned from WhatsApp and if you try to earn money from WhatsApp by following the above-mentioned methods, then you may make a little income so that maybe you can recharge your phone etc. Get it, just don’t think more than that you will get income.

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