how to earn money by playing games

Yes, you will be surprised to hear that money can be earned by playing games, but do not be happy to hear that money can also be earned by playing games because earning money by playing games is not as easy as listening to it. And you must have played the game and played many games, but you would not have thought while playing any game that you can earn your income even while playing the game and there are many ways to do this.

There are many ways to earn money by playing games, you can earn so much money by heart, that you can recharge your mobile or you can earn a little or two times, but we will not talk about these methods at all. We will not do it, because there are such methods which not only waste our time but the income is also not much, so what is the benefit of such income, rather we should think about such income source from which we can get regular income. .

how to earn money playing games

There are so many games that you get a prize for playing and you get some money in it, which is very small amount, and it does not have long standing and it is not a fixed source of income, just you can get a little money. So, if you are also one of those who want to earn money by playing this kind of game, then this article is not for you at all, but if you can do gaming well, then here is your method. Life can settle down, and you can also do it as your full time business.

If you want to earn money by playing games, then even if you can not make your income immediately in this way, but if you follow this method and work well then you will definitely get success.

  1. Download and play whatever game you like
  2. Install Screen Recorder on your phone and record the games you play
  3. Now the video of your played game has been made, edit it well
  4. Create and upload your channel on YouTube
  5. If people like to watch your videos on youtube then you will be able to earn money

In this method, your creativity is the most important contributor, because the more creative you are, the better and more entertaining you will be able to make videos and the more your videos are viewed, the more your income will be, now it is possible that You may find this task very easy but it is not that easy because now there is a lot of videos on youtube, all types of videos are available and if you also upload videos on youtube, don’t think that immediately many people You will start watching your videos and you will start earning a lot, but it may also take some time and how much time it will take depends on your creativity and below are some ways if you do gaming in this way then you You can be successful very quickly.

choosing the right game

First of all you have to decide which game you play because maybe you are playing a game that people do not like to see or you do not like the way you are playing etc.

  • Although you can play any kind of game, you can play any game, but not all types of games have more chances of views, rather you should play a game that is more popular, more people like, for example Basically you can take pubg or free fire, although you can also play man games with them, but it is a bit risky because pubg lovers are very much so if your video starts going viral, then the video is off topic. Banana can download your youtube channel
  • Let’s assume that now you play pubg game then you have to use some unique methods, if you play pubg in normal way then there is not much growth chances but you have to become a pro player, because people like pro player. very much like to watch
  • If you can not become a pro player then you should think of doing a better commentary, because suppose if you can not become a very good player, but if you do commentary well so that you can entertain more people then a Being an average player, you can be more famous than you, your video can go viral and people can like to watch you
  • You should do something like this during your game, adopt some strategy that is different from the normal game, or different from other gamers, because now you will see on YouTube that some place is famous, then you will find that someone has done something. Has become famous only because of the specialty, like some will be a better commentary, some will be a pro player, some will do a lot of entertainment gaming etc.

How to earn money by playing games without investment

If you want to earn money by playing games then you do not need any kind of investment, because playing games is absolutely free and you can record them very easily but your way of playing should be absolutely unique, so that Like to see from as many people as possible and how your income will be through that and have been told

How to make money playing video games on your phone

If you do not have a computer then you can also use your mobile, because it does not matter at all whether you are gaming on your mobile or on computer because there are many games available on Android phone, and many more. Don’t know better quality that you can play and record them very easily, just you have to keep in mind that you should have a better one who is not at all hang, because right now for gaming If your phone hangs during this then I can be a problem for you.

how much money can i earn by playing games

There is no fixed estimate for this as there are gamers who earn more than $10000 – $15000 (7,00,000 – 10,00,000) a month, while there are also many games that earn more than a month. Earn $1000 or less i.e. $500 or $200 or even $100, and it all depends on the way you play, your commentary, and you also have to keep in mind that there are many gamers who That they can’t make any income at all.

can i make money by gaming while i work

Yes, you can earn income by gaming even while doing your current work, just you have to understand gaming well enough to be able to do commentary, and record and edit your gaming video, just after that your work is over. You don’t have to do anything after this, just put on uploading on youtube, and your video will be uploaded automatically and after uploading it may take some time, depending on the size of your video How much is there, but there is nothing to worry about, no matter what the size, uploading is not your headache, but after setting it on upload, your video will continue to be uploaded, during that time you can work

Which game is give real money?

Whatever game you play, put it on YouTube and if your video is seen then you will earn, but the gaming videos which are more liked on YouTube are Pubg, free fire, call of duty, Minecraft etc.

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