How to earn money by blogging

Blogging has been a famous work for a very long time, through this, Internet users get various types of information, and if you want, you can provide such information to people by blogging, and earn money but think about blogging in it. It has become very hard for people, because people think that blogging is completely dead, although their point of view is also true somewhere, but if you say that blogging is completely dead If so, this is also wrong, because blogging is not dead and will never be dead.

is blogging dead

No, blogging is not dead and never will be, yes but blogging topic is dead.

How to make money from blogging

If you are interested in blogging then you have to remember that there is no magic in the block that you start blogging and suddenly you become a millionaire, but even after starting blogging it takes a lot of time to be successful. , because a beginner does not have much idea about Google ahead and it starts working directly in the beginning by getting too greedy, such as keyword staffing or selecting the wrong topic, copy paste etc., whereas if you do any of these Whatever you do, your success rate is very low.

Because you will be successful only when you have your contacts in Google and your blog will get traffic, but your blog will not get traffic unless you write some unique article, because even though Google does not handle any article manually. But Google’s algorithm is so strong that it identifies the appropriate content.

The process of earning money from blogging is a bit difficult because from the very beginning you have to be a little technical, because you will have to manage a website, and if you work on a free website then you will need less technical knowledge. But if you make a paid website on WordPress, you will need to become more technical, but the main work of blogging is not to create a blog, but to write good articles because it does not take much time to create a blog, and your income is not limited to those. Some tips are given below because of the article itself.

  1. Create a Paid or Free Blog
  2. Submit your blog to Google and other search engines, also submit a sitemap
  3. Publish articles on your blog
  4. try to get as much traffic as possible
  5. Apply your website for Google Adsense
  6. After getting the approval of Adsense, put Google’s ads on your website
  7. Your income will be based on those ads
  8. Verify your Adsense PIN after $10 income and then enter your bank details
  9. If your total amount by the end of the month is at least $100, after the 20th of the following month your amount will be transferred to your bank account
  10. And if for the first time your payment is also given in your bank account by Google Adsense, it may be that you will have to go to your bank and also fill the disposal, which has to tell us why this payment has come and who sent it. and how much is the payment etc.

How to start a blog for free and make money

If you do not want to invest money in the beginning, you can also start your blogging journey for free, for which we will suggest you, although there is also WordPress but if you want to run your website for free then blogger. There is nothing better than .com, just login with your gmail account by going to and create your blog by entering an address for your website, yes its process is as easy as you can in just 2 minutes. You can create your own free blog inside.

And immediately after that, you can start writing your article, and publish and submit your blog to Google, so that Google will show your blog post in its search result and give traffic to your block.

How to make money on WordPress blogging

There is no limit to earn money in blogging, you can earn a lot of money, it does not matter at all whether you are on WordPress,, or any other content management system, but We would suggest you WordPress only because if you use WordPress then you get many tools which can prove to be helpful in improving your blog, because WordPress is the only contact management system which is full of tools. Which you can do very unique blogging, while there is a lack of features on Blogger or other content management systems.

how much money you can earn from blogging

There is no limit to earn money from blogging, you may be able to earn a lot, you may not be able to earn money at all, if your income starts, you increase your work because you can take it further. Maybe you could earn crores too but if you fail, you might not be able to earn even enough to run your website, and if we talk about different types of blogger categories then an average Blogger makes an income of up to $ 1000, while many bloggers make a lot of income from this, but there are many such people whose monthly lives are only around a hundred dollars and they do not complete the blogger’s $100 every month.

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