How to download and install apps on android

If you are a new user of Android Phone then definitely you must have noticed that some apps are already installed in your phone which you can use, but somewhere you are not satisfied by using that many apps. In this world of technology, now many Android apps have been made which you can use in your Android phone, apps are called programs that you can install in your phone and get additional features.

By the way, there are different apps for different operating systems, and apps of one operating system cannot be installed in any other operating system, and today we will know about Android OS.

How to download app in Hindi

  • First go to google play store
  • and search for the application you want to download
  • After searching click on application
  • Click on Install Button

Wait for some time and that application will be installed on your phone, and how long it will take depends on how much MB is that application and what is your internet speed.

You can also download whatever app you want by visiting some web site like 9App and website like Softnic.

how to download app from browser

  • First of all, search the application from which you want to download in Google.
  • Now click on softnic and click on download

If you download the application through this process your package is downloaded, you will have to install it manually.

how to install app

There is a very simple process to install the app in Android phone, so that you can install the app, if you have downloaded the app from Google or any other web browser, then you have to go to that file to install it. Where the App is downloaded and stored from Google, you can install it by clicking on that downloaded App, and yes if you have used Play Store to download the App, then there will be download apps in Play Store. It is installed automatically after that, it does not need to be installed.

What are the benefits of installing apps

There are many benefits of installing an app, some apps are already installed in your phone, such as Chrome browser, camera, Play Store, you tube, clock etc. You can use it, but you can use it according to your need. And install the App, as if you want to edit the photo, then you can edit the photo by installing the photo editing app, and you will find many apps on the Play Store to take selfie, so that you can take attractive photos. You can get many benefits by installing apps.

What are the disadvantages of installing apps

It is very important for you to know that along with the advantages of installing apps in Android phone, some disadvantages have also been seen, if there are many apps installed in your phone which are not needed, but they are in your phone. If it is lying then it only fills the storage of your phone, due to which the phone starts running for a few weeks, and the phone starts hanging, for its solution, you can uninstall the unused app in your phone.

Is it safe to install the app or not?

It may or may not be safe to install apps in the phone because not every app can be trusted, nowadays there will be many apps to fraud, which can be installed only by your data can be stolen, and also deleted. If possible, then you should not install any such app, which you do not know about, otherwise there may be some manipulation with your personal data.

how to download app in computer

If you want to download Android phone apps in your computer, then you can download that mobile app and run your computer, but for that you will need a software, through which the phone app will also run in the computer. There are many software for this, but Blue Stock software is the best, so that you will be able to run the phone’s app in the pc, first install the Blue Stock software in the computer, and after that you open the Blue stock software, and then you will get the phone. You will get all the apps that you want to run in the computer, by doing this you can also use the phone’s apps in your computer.

In this article you learned How to download and install apps in Android phone I hope this information will be useful for you.

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