How to display real-time internet speed

If real time internet speed is not visible in our phone, then we do not get accurate information. How to display real time internet speed, At what speed is our internet running? While real time internet speed is very important. Because in this way we get complete information about our internet setting, And internet speed always works according to our usage. Because there are many such websites and applications, which consume a lot of data, but due to lack of real time internet speed, we do not get to know, So in such a situation, if you use real time internet speed, then you will come to know. Which application or website is consuming how much data. And in this situation maybe you can save your data by closing that application. How to see internet speed.

There are two methods to show real time internet speed. The first of which is the real time internet speed meter provided by the mobile company. And the second is to use an application. So if your phone does not have real time internet speed meter. So you can also use real time internet speed meter application. And no information has been given about both these methods. You can use whatever method you like. 

How to display real time internet speed

Real time internet speed is displayed in the status bar. Because of which the setting of internet speed meter also remains in notification and status bar setting in almost all phones.

  1. First of all go to the settings of your phone and click on notification and status bar.
  2. Enable the Display real time network speed button

Now real time internet speed will start showing in your phone. Which will appear in the status bar at the top. But if you have turned off the data of your phone. So first of all turn on data even then you will see real time network speed.

How to display real-time internet speed from App

  1. First of all go to google play store and search internet speed meter
  2. Install and open Internet Speed ​​Meter, just now you can close Internet Speed ​​Meter application. Internet speed meter will automatically appear in your status bar.

If your phone doesn’t have internal real time internet speed meter, you can try this application. Because it is of very small size and can show real time internet speed very easily. And it is also ad free application.

how to show internet speed in status bar without any app 

You can also show real time internet speed in your phone without any application. All you have to do is go to your phone’s settings. And by clicking on the notification and status bar, the real time internet speed button has to be turned on. But it may be that the option of internal internet speed meter is not available in all phones. So for that you may have to use an app.

How to see realtime internet speed in any phone

This setting can be different in all phones. And even this setting is not present in many phones. So in this case you may have problem in checking real time internet speed of your phone. In this case, we would suggest you to use Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite application. Because in all android phones you can install this application. And after installing as soon as you open it. It starts showing the real time internet speed of your phone in the status bar of your phone.

But if you use internet speed meter lite application to see real time internet speed of your phone. So it may be that sometimes it stops showing real time internet speed. And the main reason for such a phone is battery consumption. Because when you use this application, your android system may give you notification of battery consumption. Or your Android may stop the application without giving any notification. And if it does, just click on your internet speed meter application again. And again real time internet speed meter will start appearing.

Does real time internet speed consume more data?

No, Real Time Internet Speed ​​does not use your data. Rather, it shows the real time internet speed that you are using in any other application or website. But if you use any other application to see real time internet speed. Which also shows ads, so it will consume more of your data. Therefore, follow the methods mentioned here as well, because not a bit of your data will be wasted in this.

From this article you learned how to show internet speed. We hope this information will prove useful for you.