How to delete text message

If you have too many messages in your phone, then you can delete them with very simple steps and remember that if you delete text messages, then they are permanently deleted, you cannot recover them, so if any If there is an important message, then note it somewhere or do not delete it at all.

How to delete text message

  1. First go to your message application
  2. To delete this message, touch and hold on it for 2 seconds
  3. Click Delete and click Delete again to confirm

That message will be deleted from your phone

Fastest way to delete text messages Android

To delete all messages quickly, you have to select all your messages and then you can delete your message by clicking on delete button button but not all phones have option to select message, so you have to select all your messages. will have to be deleted manually one by one.

What happens when you delete a text conversation

If you delete a message, it is only deleted from your phone and will not be deleted from the phone of the one you sent.

How to delete a text message sent to the wrong person

If you have sent a text message to someone by mistake, then you can definitely delete it from your phone but you will not be able to delete it from his phone.

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