How to delete sent whatsapp messages

Chatting on WhatsApp is very easy, due to this, a lot of work becomes easy, however, on WhatsApp, we could not delete the messages sent to anyone earlier, if we delete, that message will be deleted only from our phone.

But now it’s not at all that if you message someone on WhatsApp, you can also delete it from which the message will be deleted from his WhatsApp that you have sent.

Then it doesn’t matter whether they have seen or not the message that you’ve sent on WhatsApp, you can delete that message, and if you do that, the “Message deleted” card will appear instead of that message.

If that person has not seen the WhatsApp message you sent and before that you delete that message, they will not be able to see what you sent but they will know that you were sent them a WhatsApp message. Which you have deleted.

But you will be able to delete the message only for few minutes or almost 1 hour, after that the deletion option will disappear, then you will probably not be able to delete that sent WhatsApp message.

If you want to delete all WhatsApp messages at once, get the information from here, how to delete all WhatsApp messages at once.

How to delete sent WhatsApp messages

Open WhatsApp and go to the chat whose messages you want to delete

Press and hold up to 2 seconds that message and click on the delete button

How to delete sent WhatsApp messages

Click on “DELETE FOR EVERYONE”, that message will also be deleted from your phone and will also be deleted from the WhatsApp whose you sent and you will see a card.

Click on delete for everyone to delete this message

As you can see, “You deleted this message” is written

your message deleted

But if you want that the sent WhatsApp messages should be deleted only from your phone and not from the WhatsApp that you sent, then while deleting click on “only for me” as you can see below.

Delete sent messages just from my phone

Open WhatsApp and go to the WhatsApp chat

Toch and hold for 2 seconds message you want to delete and click on delete button, click on “Delete for me”

How to delete WhatsApp message sent by me

That WhatsApp message will be deleted from your WhatsApp, whether you have sent that message or someone else has sent you, if you delete any WhatsApp message in this way that you have sent, then that message from that person’s phone Will not be deleted.

How to delete WhatsApp sent messages after they read

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