how to delete files in laptop

It is very easy to create a new folder file or delete a file or folder on the computer, which has many ways, so if you want to delete a file or delete a folder on your computer, then You can also delete that file using your mouse, and if you want, you can delete that file using the computer keyboard, and if you want, you can also delete it using the shortcut key.

How to delete computer File

  1. First go to your computer and go to the file you want to delete
  2. Right click on that file and click on delete
  3. Click OK

That file of yours has been deleted and has reached your Recycle Bin, yes that file is not completely deleted yet and if you want, you can do that too, and if you want to delete that file permanently. If you want to do so follow the process below.

How to permanently delete files on PC

  1. Go to your computer’s recycling bin
  2. Here all your deleted files will appear, right click on the one you want to delete permanently.
  3. Click on delete and your file will be permanently deleted
  4. If you have a lot of files in your Recycle Bin and want to delete all of them permanently, then select all the files and right click and click Delete

How to delete multiple files at once in computer

If you have to delete a lot of files from your computer, and you will delete all the files one by one, then it will take a lot of time so we suggest you to select and delete the files, so that you can delete them in less time. Delete more files.

  1. Go to the folder that contains all your files and now you want to delete them
  2. Select all files with left-click and if you want you can use ctrl+A
  3. Right click on delete and click on ok

how to delete computer file with shortcut key

  • Go to your computer and select the files you want to delete, and click delete button, your file will be deleted
  • Select the files on your computer that you want to delete, and press ctrl + D The files on your computer will be deleted
  • If you want to delete all files from cycle bin at once then press ctrl+A and press ctrl+D, your recycle bin will be cleared

How to restore deleted files in computer

If you delete a file from your computer, it is a temporary delete, which is stored in your computer’s Recycle Bin, and if you have not deleted it permanently, then you can also restore it.

  1. go to recycle bin
  2. Right click on the file you want to restore
  3. Click on Restore
  4. If you want to restore multiple benefits at once, select those files, and right click and click on Restore

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