How to delete Facebook messages

how to delete facebook messages from computer

There are many people who run Facebook in their computer, it is a lot of fun to chat with Facebook in computer, because in this you get a bigger screen than phone and keyboard for typing, do you also run your Facebook in computer, and Chatting with friends in it, sometimes there is such a thing, which has to be deleted from it, the problem comes when you are not able to delete Facebook messages in computer, you have to delete Facebook messages in computer.

  • First of all you have to login to Facebook on your computer.
  • Now you will see the option of Messenger in the upper right corner of the home page and click on that option.
  •  After that your Messenger will open from where you used to chat with your friends.
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  • Now you have to click on the message box of the friend whose message you want to delete, after clicking on the message box, your chatting box will open and you will see all the messages that you both have done together, as many messages as you have. have done
  • You have to click on the three dot near the message and click on the remove option, and your message will be deleted, by doing this you can delete as much and whatever message you want from your computer.
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how to delete messenger messages

Messenger is used for messaging, it is a part of the Facebook application, with the help of which you can talk with your friends on Facebook, if you have Facebook installed on your phone, Messenger app to message in it. You cannot message your friends on Facebook without Messenger.

If you want to delete Facebook Messages from Messenger, you have to open your Messenger, in that you will get a list of all friends in which you have talked to them on Facebook by message, the messages of the friends whose messages you want to delete. Click on the box, and then their message will open, now you have to delete the messages from them.

  • After going to your messenger, you have to touch on the message for a while, you will get the option to remove the message in it.
  • You have to click on remove and in this way that massage will be deleted.
  • If you want to delete all the messages at once, whose message you want to delete, you have to touch the message box for a while and the option to delete will come.
  • After clicking on delete, the entire message will be deleted at once.
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how to delete message directly from facebook

If you want, you can delete Facebook message even without downloading Messenger app in your phone, there are two ways to delete it, one way is by logging in to Facebook from Google and the other using Facebook lite app You can delete messages.

The second version of Facebook, which is called Facebook lite, is also used to run Facebook, in this you will get all the features like Maine Facebook, it downloads in less Mb than the original Facebook, its size is very less, this Facebook lite You will not have to download the Messenger app separately to message inside.

To delete Facebook message without Messenger, you have to first download Facebook lite from play store, and login to your Facebook, by entering user name and password, when your account will be logged in, Facebook’s home page will open

  • On the top of Facebook’s home page, you will see a Messenger icon, from which we send a message to someone, you have to click on that Messenger icon.
  • Messenger will open in it, now open the message of whose message you want to delete.
  • Keep touching on the message you want to delete, by doing this you will see the option to delete it.
  • You have to click on the option of Delete from it, by doing this you can delete Facebook messages.
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