How to create YouTube channel

However, there is no need to tell you about YouTube how famous it is because almost everyone uses YouTube, i.e., YouTube’s popularity is the highest in the world. And while people are using YouTube for entertainment, knowledge, timepass, on the other hand, a lot of people are using YouTube to earn money.

If you also want to earn money from YouTube, you can earn of course, but I won’t tell you about it here because I’ve already told it in my previously published article if you don’t know how to earn money from YouTube, read that article.

How to Create YouTube channel

YouTube is a product of Google and Google is reliable, so be sure and create your YouTube channel now and start uploading videos so you can make money from YouTube.

As I’ve already told you that YouTube is google’s product, so if you want to create a YouTube channel, you must have Gmail id, so I hope you will definitely have a Gmail id but if not, make your Gmail account by getting information from here.

How to create a YouTube channel

  • Open, click on the option of SIGN IN on the right-top, enter your Gmail address and then login by entering the password How to create a YouTube channel
  • And if you’re already logged in to Google, click on the profile picture of your Gmail address instead of SIGN IN.
  • Click on Create a channel Click on the create a channel
  • Now you’ll find two options, one creating your YouTube channel on the name of your Gmail, and the other creating custom name.
    I would suggest you Custom name and you can also continue with the name of your Gmail if you want.
  • Click on the select button in use a custom name Select custom name
  • Enter a better and unique name here on which you want to run your YouTube channel, that is, with that name your YouTube channel will run, and then click on the create button Enter the name for your YouTube channel
  • Click on Get started

Select an image from your computer by clicking on upload picture that you want to set as the profile picture of your YouTube channel

Upload a picture for the profile of your YouTube channel

Scroll the page and enter a nice description for your YouTube channel

Enter the description for your YouTube channel

Scroll the page again if you have a blog/website, enter its title in the link title and address in the URL,

Just below that, you’ll find options to add multiple social media accounts

First of all, Facebook, if you have a Facebook account, enter the URL in the Facebook social box, then you’ll get twitter option, you also have to enter your Twitter URL. Last you’ll get the Instagram option, enter your Instagram id in it exactly the same way.

Enter your social network URLs

If you do not have these social media accounts, you can create them by getting information from here. Although you can also skip adding social media accounts if you want, you can also add it later. If you’re starting a YouTube channel, you’ll have to be active on social media because social media is a big source of traffic.

Click on save and continue button, your YouTube channel is ready, now you can upload videos on your YouTube channel. But you haven’t verified your YouTube channel yet so there are some features restricted for you right now. Like custom thumbnail, live stream, videos longer than 15 minutes.

So let’s first verify the YouTube channel so that you can use the features that are restricted for you.

How to Verify YouTube channel

Verifying the YouTube channel is very easy, just go to your YouTube account and click on setting

Click on the setting

Now click on the feature eligibility after clicking on the channel

How to verify YouTube channel

Click on Verify phone number button

A new tab will open, select your country

Select Text me the verification code

YouTube will send a code to your mobile number for channel verification, you can also choose the call option, as you wish.

Enter the number in the box below and click on the submit button

Enter your mobile number

Check your mobile, Verification code has come, put it on the next page and click on the submit button

Enter the OTP and enter click on submit button

Your YouTube channel has been verified, now the restriction has also been removed from your YouTube channel. Now you can upload videos longer than 15 minutes on your YouTube channel, can live stream, use custom thumbnail.

Let’s know how to upload videos on YouTube channel

Go to your YouTube studio and click on upload video, click on Select files, or drag a video from your computer here Uploading will start, uploading time depends on your video size and internet speed.

How to upload video on YouTube channelSelect video or drag in it from your computer

Set up your video

Enter your video title in the Title box

Enter Description

Below that, you will get a thumbnail option, in which YouTube itself will create three images from your videos and the middle image will be default thumbnail, but there is nothing to worry about if you want to change it, you can choose another image.

How to upload video on YouTube channel

And you can also upload custom thumbnails if you want, but remember that you will be able to use a custom thumbnail feature only if your YouTube channel is verified, and the verification process we’ve mentioned above.

So I hope you’ve verified your YouTube channel, click on upload thumbnail and choose an image from your computer that you want to set as the thumbnail of your video. –

Scroll the page and mark Yes, it’s made for kids and click next button

Click next button

Select fo kid and click on the next button

Mark the public after marking Save or publish and click on the publish button, now your video has been published on YouTube and you’ll see video sharing options from where you can share your video on any social media and If you have a blog/website you can also embed your YouTube video.

Mark the public and click on the publsh button`

So your YouTube channel is ready, you have uploaded the video, but now the question arises that how you will earn money from YouTube.

Although I’ve already told you in another article that when a YouTube channel can start making money, but if you have not read yet, don’t worry, you can check yourself when you’ll be able to make money from YouTube.

Click on monetization in the sidebar, now you can see here what are the conditions of monetization.

Minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, when your YouTube channel touches these conditions, you’ll be able to monetize your YouTube channel after that Adsense ad will start appearing on your YouTube video and you’ll earn according to clicks on it.

Although your YouTube channel has become ready, you have to do some important settings of your YouTube channel right now, However, after creating a YouTube channel, the most important thing is to verify your channel, which you may have already done.

Now the most important is the decoration of the channel, i.e., adding a banner in the channel, description, etc.

add a banner in your YouTube channel

First, go to your YouTube channel or if you’re in your YouTube studio, click on your profile picture so that you will reach your YouTube channel.

You can see that there are no banners in your YouTube channel yet if you wish, you can set any banner provided by YouTube on your YouTube channel, but I recommend that you create a banner according to your content for your channel.

And you can see at the top of the banner that you are seeing the profile picture of your channel if you want to change it click on it.

But let’s set the banner first.

Go to your channel and click on the CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL click on Add channel art

Click on the customize channelClick on add channel art

Now if you want, set a banner in the channel from YouTube gallery or upload a picture from your computer

If you want to crop, crop, and then click on the save button, the banner will be added to your YouTube channel.

However, the sequence of settings of the YouTube channel doesn’t end here, and there are many settings that you should apply to your Youtube channel such as featured content, channel trailer, Featured channel, etc.

Visit our YouTube category for the rest of the YouTube channel settings and a better guide to becoming a successful YouTuber, or search in the search box above YouTube.

What to do after creating a YouTube channel

First, do all the necessary settings of your channel, and design the channel, i.e., add a profile picture, banner, description, etc.

YouTube or blog success depends on the traffic, so create your own account on some top social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Because through social media you can get a lot of traffic and your business can grow quickly.

Now your main goal should be to create a video because the video is the property of the YouTube channel, the better the video will be the more chances of success. You can select any topic you like on which you can regularly upload videos to your channel.

Do not forget to share on top social media sites after uploading videos, this process will help you to increase the number of views on your videos.

You have to constantly upload videos to your channel and grow the channel

But as far as earning from YouTube is there, you will not be able to earn from YouTube until your channel reaches the point set by YouTube, channel, Create YouTube channel.

That is a 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. When there are a 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours of watch time on your channel, then you have to apply your channel for Adsense, the Adsense team will review your channel and take the appropriate decision. If the Adsense team approves your account, you can enable Adsense ads on your videos after which Adsense ads will start appearing on your videos.

And according to the performance and clicks on those ads, you will be able to earn money, if you want to earn a lot of money from YouTube then you have to bring more and more views on your channel.
That is, the more views, the more earning, channel, Create YouTube channel.

When you earn 10 USD, Adsense will ask you for address verification, then Adsense will send a letter to your address in which you will get a pin, put it in your Adsense account and verify it, then you can add your bank account. When your total earning touches the payment threshold, your earning will be paid to you in the next month on 21, which you will get into your bank account in 2-4 days.

How to create YouTube account?

When you add gmail account in your mobile and login then automatically your youtube account is created but it is a user account and the process to create a youtube channel is explained above

How to create YouTube channel for kids?

Creating a YouTube channel for kids is the same process as above, just when you upload a video to your YouTube channel, you have to make sure that the audience selects “made for kids”.

How to create YouTube channel and earn money?

When you upload a video to your YouTube channel and you get at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, then you can apply for Adsense approval to your YouTube channel and after getting the approval, you can apply for the approval of your YouTube channel. earn money from youtube channel

Is Creating YouTube account free?

Yes, creating a YouTube channel is absolutely free, you will not have to pay for this, but when you monetize your YouTube channel and start earning your income, then YouTube will automatically take 45% from it, but even after that you can earn a lot, And this is not just for one person, but YouTube takes 45% from everyone’s YouTube channel and the remaining 55% is for YouTube creators.

How to create a youtube channel in mobile and earn money

How to create a youtube channel for kids

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