How to create fake Facebook account

Everyone uses Facebook, of course you must too and there is always this problem, that there are too many fake accounts on Facebook and it is very easy to create a fake account on Facebook, any person can create an account of his own. For which it does not require any additional thing, but if you want, you can create it using your mobile number or e-mail, but if you want to create a fake Facebook account then email account will be the best for that, Because not everyone has many mobile numbers, but if you want, you can create many Facebook accounts by creating multiple email accounts on the same mobile number.

How to create fake Facebook account

We hope that you will know how to create a Facebook account because the process of creating a fake Facebook account will also be almost the same, only you will need to make some changes in it, whose information is given below.

  1. First of all, create an email account so that you can use it to create your Facebook account
  2. You go to Facebook and click on create account and enter your name, email address etc.
  3. Remember, you have to enter only the email address that you have specially created to create your fake Facebook account.
  4. You can download different types of photos from Google for the profile picture of your Facebook account.
  5. After your Facebook account is ready, go to Facebook’s settings
  6. And go to privacy and make everything private so that no one can see your Facebook details
  7. And if you want, you can set the privacy for which you have to lock your Facebook profile.

How to create fake Facebook account without phone number

If you want to create fake account on Facebook, you can create an email account for it, and create your fake Facebook account using that email account because it is not safe to create fake account using your mobile number

Although you have been given information on how to create a fake Facebook account, but we recommend that you do not use your fake account to do any kind of fraud with any person, because if you do this So your Facebook account will be blocked very soon, and on this day if you commit any serious crime with your Facebook account, there can be a thorough investigation for it, which will increase your chances of getting trapped.

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