How to Create Facebook page

page is a very good service of Facebook because we get a lot more features than a normal account on it, and we also boost the post any of our Facebook pages. If you want to create a page, you must have a Facebook account. I hope you’ll have a Facebook account. If you are a blogger, I highly recommend you make your Facebook account, Create Facebook Page, Page create.

Because the Facebook page can be very helpful in increasing traffic to a blogger on your blog. Although you can also increase traffic by share your blog posts on Facebook account, it has some limitations and more features are not available.

But many features are found on the Facebook page. You can customize your page according to you.  Its features will help you to grow your business.

How to create a Facebook page

  • First, open and click on the page How to create a Facebook page
  • Click on “create page” Click on the create page to create your Facebook page
  • Now you will find two options to create a Facebook page, “Bussiness or Brand” and “Community or public figure”. If you have a business for which you want to create a Facebook page, choose Business or Brand. If you don’t have any business and want to create for your use, choose a community or public figure. Choose a purpose for your page
  • After clicking on get started, add the name to your Facebook account and select the category. Enter name for page and choose a category
  • Now set the profile picture, click on upload a profile picture and choose a photo from your computer, you can change it anytime later. How to set the profile picture of facebook page
  • Now you will have the option to add a cover photo to your Facebook page, click on Upload a cover photo to choose a photo, you can change it anytime later. (You can also skip to profile and cover photo, add by clicking on skip) How to add cover photo to facebook page
  • Your Facebook page is almost ready, just do some settings on your page, such as add user name, add buttons, setting auto-replies, etc., because your page will remain empty without setting.

Adding “user name” to the Facebook page

  • Go to your page, on the home page, you will get the option of Create page @username, click on it.
  • Put a username for your page in the Username box, if the name you have entered is available then you will not get it, otherwise, you can check it by entering another name and click on the create username button How to add username to facebook pageHow to add username to facebook page
  • Now the username has also been added to your Facebook page (maybe while saving the name you will get a notification that you are not eligible for the username yet, In such a situation you cannot get the username right now, please try again after a few days)

Create Facebook Page, Page create, For other page settings, you can read our other articles so that you can do the complete setting of your Facebook page.

Key points

How to create a facebook page without a personal account?

If you want to create a Facebook page then you must have a Facebook account, but if you want to create your Facebook page on another private account you can create a new Facebook account for this. And without making anyone friend in it you can make your page

How to create Facebook page for business 

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