How to create Facebook group

Some time ago it was a bit difficult to create a Facebook group, that is, it was a long process. How to create facebook group, But changes were made in it. So that you can create your own Facebook group in just a few simple steps, How to create Facebook group.

Facebook provides many features to its users, one of them is group. You must have a Facebook account if you want to create a group. Well , whatever your purpose, you can create your own Facebook group and add people.

How to create Facebook group

  1. Go to Facebook, and click on the 3rd line and click on groups
  2. Click on + icon and click on create group
  3. Enter a name for your group, select public under Privacy and click Create Group
  4. If you want to invite someone, click on the invite button, and click on next
  5. Select a photo for your group by clicking Upload cover photo, and click Next
  6. Enter the description and click on next
  7. If you want to post a post in your group, write something, or attach a file, and click on Done

How to create Facebook group using computer

  1. Go to and login
  2. Click on create in the header and click on group
  3. Name your group – Enter a name for your Facebook group in this
  4. Add some people – Through this you can invite people to join your page
  5. Select privacy – In this you will find the default setting private. Click on it and select public
  6. Click on Create button.
    Your Facebook group is just ready
  7. You will get the option of image in the header. Click on it and click on Upload photo. and select that image
  8. Drag the image as you wish and save it
  9. Now after that you can add people to your group if you want. Scroll the page a bit, in the sidebar you will get the option of group members. If you want, you can search and invite people in the + Enter name or email address box.
  10. And just below that you will get the option of SUGGESTED MENBERS in which your friends will be visible. If you want, you can invite them by clicking on Invite member

By the way, your Facebook page is ready,

How to post in facebook group

If you are a group admin then you can feel free to post in your group. However, any member or normal Facebook user can also do it. But it depends on the privacy of that Facebook group. Which is set by the Facebook group admin. Because Facebook group admin can post in his Facebook group in a normal way. But most Facebook groups set this rule in their group, that any person will be able to post in that Facebook group only. When he becomes a member of that group, then if you also want to post in such group. For which you are not an admin or a member, and you do not get the option to post in that Facebook group. So first join that group, after that you will get the option to post.

  • First of all open and go to your group
  • The way you do a normal post on Facebook. Similarly you will get the text box also click on it
  • Now if you want to write something, then write or you can also add images, videos etc.
  • click on post

Note: While posting in any Facebook group, remember that you must follow the rules of that group. Otherwise Facebook group admin will not approve your post. And can also exclude you from that group.

How to increase member in facebook group

When you create your Facebook group, initially your group will have very few members. So in such a situation, first of all you can invite your friend. And you can ask them to invite their friends. And if you want to increase the members in your Facebook group fast, then you have to pay more attention to the posts of your Facebook group. Because the better the post, people will like it. That much your group will grow, and your members will grow. Although you will have problems in the beginning. But when you have some members of your group, then your group will start growing automatically.

But along with increasing the members in the Facebook group, you also have to keep this in mind. That makes it difficult to delete the Facebook group later. Because normal can not delete Facebook group. Rather, first of all you have to remove all the members from your group one by one. And in the last you will be able to delete your Facebook group. However, if someone’s Facebook group grows well, then they will never want to delete it, but let’s say they want to do it sometime. So all group members will not be able to delete without removing them.

In this article you learned how to create Facebook group. We hope this information will prove useful to you.