How to create Facebook group

Create Facebook group, group create, Creating a Facebook group a few times ago was a little hard, what’s hard, hard was not, just a long process, but there were changes so that you could create your Facebook group in just a few simple steps.

Facebook provides a lot of features to its users, one of them is group, and we’ve already told you about Facebook page, I hope you’ll have a Facebook page if not, create it now, Create Facebook group, group create.

If you’re a simple user of Facebook then no, but if you’re a blogger, YouTuber, or any online businessman, I’ll recommend you create a Facebook page, group because they can help to maximize your business.

Well, you can create a Facebook group and you can add people to your group no matter whatever your purpose.

How to create a Facebook group

I hope you’re a Facebook user because if you want to create a Facebook group you need to have a Facebook account.

So open and login to create a Facebook group
Click on create in the header and click on the group

How to create a Facebook group

Name your group – Enter a name for your Facebook group
Add some people – you can invite people to join your page
Select privacy – in this, you will get the default setting private, click on it and select public

Fill the form and click on the create button

Click on Create button
Just your Facebook group is ready, but now you have to add a pic to your group.

After you click on the create button, you were redirected to your Facebook group, in the header you will get the option of the image.

If you want to select an image for your Facebook group pic from your computer, click upload photo and select the image you want to upload.

If you want to select an image from your Facebook account, click on Choose a photo and then click on choose from my photos.

Set profile picture of your facebook group

Here your photos will be shown that you want to set in your group, select it, after that drag and save the image as you wish.

Now you can add people to your group if you want, scroll the page a little bit, in the sidebar, you will get the option of group members, you can search and invite people in the “+ Enter name or email address” box.

And just below that, you’ll find the option of SUGGESTED MEMBERS in which your friends will appear, you can invite them by clicking on the Invite member if you want.

Adding people to facebook group

Although your Facebook page is ready, I have told you about the Facebook classic.

Because you know that Facebook has also launched the Facebook lite web, even if you are using the Facebook lite web, it will be almost the same process.

If you’re on Facebook lite, you’ll find a + icon instead of create in the header that you can click on to create your Facebook group.

After clicking on the + button, follow the same classic Facebook process, your Facebook page will be created, Create Facebook group, group create.

Key points

How to create Facebook Group link?

When you create your Facebook group, Facebook automatically creates a link for your group, just go to the group whose link you want to copy and go to the URL bar, the link of that group will appear, click on it and copy the linkĀ 

How to create Facebook group for businesses

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