How to create and setup a new Google analytic account

If you have a blog/website and it is getting traffic, surely you must be interested in knowing how much traffic your blog is getting. How much traffic you are getting what is its source, Which country, device, etc.

Your traffic is decreasing or increasing, how long users use our blog on average. Everything that is related to traffic, you will get to see in your google analytic account and that is for free. Yes, we can use google analytics for free.

So let’s know how to create a google analytics account for blog/website so that we can analyze the performance of our website.

How to create a Google Analytics account

It is very easy to create a Google analytics account about which you will find information here.

We can get the entire data of our blog/website by creating a google analytics account, which can help us to grow the traffic of our blog even more.

If you are an AdSense publisher, you can also link your AdSense account to your google analytics account so that we can get accurate information about our AdSense earning.

And through this, we can get a lot of help to increase our AdSense earning.

Let’s start and know how to create a Google Analytics account to analyze blog/website data

  • First, go to homepage, now you can start to set up your account from here.
  • Click on the Sign-up button to create your accountHow to create Google Analytics account
  • Enter a name for your google analytics account, you can enter any name you want here and click on the Next button.
  • Choose your property type, like web, app or both and click on the Next button
  • Enter the blog/website name, choose Http or https and enter the URL(Domain name of your blog). Select your site type in the industry category and select the reporting time zone of your country. Review once if everything is correct, click on the Create button.Fill your property details for google analytic account
  • You can read their terms, if you agree, you can create a Google Analytics account otherwise you can go back from here. Select your country and accept terms and finally click on the “I accept” button.Select your country and accept policy
  • Your google analytics account has been created and now you will get a tracking id that you have to put in the blog so that google analytics can analyze your blog. By the way, google analytics gives you a complete script which we need to put in the source code of our blog. But if your blog is on or wordpress, you will not need the full script. Only the tracking id is sufficient. Just copy the tracking id and follow the next steps.Add this google analytics tracking code into your blog


How to implement Analytics tracking id into a blogger blog

  • Open your blog and go to others in the setting
  • Paste your copied tracking id in the analytics web property id and save it.


How to insert google analytics tracking id into a WordPress blog

  • Go to your WordPress blog and install a plugin named Google Analytics dashboard for WP by ExtraMetrics (formerly GADWP). Learn how to install and uninstall plugin in the WordPress blog.
  • Go to its settings and click on the authorize plugin. Now you will need access code, so first let’s generate the access code. Click on the get access code.Click on authorize plugin to to authoize your google analytic accountClick on the get access code
  • Login with your Gmail id on which you have created your Google Analytics account, and allow access.
  • Now you will see an authorization code, copy it and go to your blog and paste that code in the access code box in GADWP and click on save access code button. You can see on the next page that GADWP has been authorized from your analytic account.
    Now in some time, Google Analytics will start analyzing your blog’s traffic.

If you authorize your blog correctly with an analytics account, your analytics account will work otherwise you have to check what you did wrong. Through Google analytics account, we can get the entire traffic data of our blog like how many users are active on our blog, from which country.

How to check blog/Website data in Google Analytics

Simply go to the Google Analytics homepage and you can see analyzed traffic data of your blog. You will get all the information related to the traffic of your blog on the homepage, even you will know how many users are active on your blog at the present time.

I liked this feature of google analytics best that we also get information about active users. Not only this but the rest of the features are also very good, I like it very much, how do you feel, tell us in the comments.

How to link an AdSense account with Google analytic account

It is very easy to link AdSense account to google analytic account because you have already created an analytic account, you can do Adsense linking in just 1 minute. But before that, I want to ask you that what is AdSense, how to make money from it, how to create AdSense account,

  • Just go to you can see the overview, click on the settings icon.
  • In the product linking click on the AdSense linking and on the next page click on the “+NEW ADSENSE LINK” .
  • Now you can see your AdSense accounts, Click continue button to link and configure it.

Congrats your Adsense account is linked.

You can also link other Google products in your analytics account like Google adsAd exchangeCampaign ManagerGoogle PlaySearch ads 360Display & video 360BigQuery, etc.

So finally your google account is ready. If you have more blog/website, you can also link it to this same analytic account, which will give you a different tracking id.

I hope you did not face any problem in creating your analytic account, if you faced any problem, we are sorry for that. Tell us what problem you faced. We will try to solve your problem. And yes, if you like our content, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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