How to copy paste in laptop and Android

Copy and paste is a very unique feature, with the help of which many task can be done easily, because suppose some text is written on some other software and we have to write it on other software too, then writing in both is too much. May be hard, but through copy paste tool you can write that text in your other software very easily, you just have to copy the already written text and paste it in your other software and complete The entire contact will be copied.

You can either use the shortcut key for copy paste or you can also use the cursor if you want.

How to copy in laptop

First of all go to the software where you have written any text and you want to copy it

  •  If you want to copy some particular paragraph or text then select that much text and right click and click on copy, but if you want to copy entire text then press CTRL + A and then CTRL + C button

You can copy any text from anywhere, the only condition is that that text should be selected, if you are not able to select that text then you will not be able to copy it either.

How to paste in laptop

  • Now go to the software website where you want to paste it and right click and click on paste or press CTRL+V

Shortcut key to copy paste

If you want, you can use the left and right buttons for copy paste but if you want, you can copy with ctrl + a and post with ctrl + v because the shortcut key of copy paste is

How to copy on android

Always mobile users have problem in copy and paste because they do not have idea how to copy and paste in mobile, while a process remains very simple and if you also copy and paste any text in your mobile. If you want to, just start the process and copy whatever text you want.

  • First touch on that text and hold for 2 seconds
  • That text will be selected automatically and you will also get the option to adjust, you can select more text if you want.
  • After that click on copy and all the text you have selected will be copied

How to paste on Android

  • Wherever you want to paste the text, touch the screen and hold it for two seconds.
  • click on paste

You can copy paste very easily in computer and also in mobile by following the above mentioned methods, but remember that if you copy something from anywhere for normal task then there is no problem, but if you are on internet If you do some work on another website and copy any text written on another website, and use it on your platform, it can be a problem for you.

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