How to Copy Facebook Profile Link, Copy link

Many times we want to share our Facebook profile with any of our friends, relatives,s, etc. or want to download a video from Facebook or send any page or group destination to someone, then in some places, we get the internal option. But not everywhere, in such a situation, you can copy the link and use or send it wherever you want so that anyone can directly access that content, in this article you will learn to copy Facebook profile link.

And you cannot edit facebook links, whether it is your post or any other, but profile links can be edited whether it is group or page or profile, you just have to have admin access.

How to copy Facebook link

How to copy facebook profile link

For Mobile app users 

  • first open facebook
  • Click on your profile picture
  • Click on Copy link to profile

The link of your Facebook profile will be copied and if you want to copy the profile link of someone else instead of your Facebook profile then just follow the same process, just search for that person and go to his/her profile and by clicking on three dots copy the link

Bt web browser and computer

Open your web browser and open, we hope you are already logged in to Facebook.

  • Click on your Facebook profile picture, or search for the person whose Facebook profile link you want to copy.
  • In the URL bar of the browser, you will find the profile link, which is present in the header.

From Facebook App

The option to copy the Facebook post link is not there in the mobile app but it doesn’t matter, still, you can copy the link very easily.

  • Open the Facebook app and click on the share button of the post whose link you want to copy
  • Click on send in WhatsApp
  • Click on Whatsapp, click on my status and click on the send button
  • Now you will get the link of that Facebook post, then it does not matter that you processed the video, photo, etc.
  • Select and copy the link

Although this was the process of copying the link of this Facebook post but if you want to copy that link to share somewhere then you will not need to copy the post link but after clicking on share all your apps will be shown on which the post can be sent, you can select your app and send it.

Computer browser

First, open your web browser and go to the Facebook post you want to link copy, and click three dots
Click on the Copy link, the link will be copied, and if you want, you can copy the link from the URL bar as well.

Copy Facebook page link

Copying the link to the Facebook page is the same process as above, just go to that page and copy the link.

Open Facebook and go to the page whose link you want to copy and if you go to that page from a mobile web browser or computer then you will get the link in URL bar just click on it, select and copy

And if you have gone to that page through the Facebook app then just click on the name of that page and click on share group

The link of that group will appear, click on the copy link, the link will be copied which you can share anywhere.

Why is no copied facebook link working

Although there is no link error normally, but if some change is made in it then that link will not work, you may get to see some errors which can be due to the following reasons

1. The link facebook link you copied may have been made private

2. Maybe the post with that link has been deleted

3. If you had copied someone’s Facebook profile link or page link and are opening but it is not opening, then it means that his username has been changed.

4. Maybe that Facebook page or account has been deleted, due to which that link and its content gets deleted.

The fact of copying the link of a Facebook video

By the way, there is no special need to copy the link of Facebook video because everyone uses Facebook, so whoever wants to contact or do anything can do it directly from Facebook but when someone is not able to access your profile or any post, page, etc., you can send him the link so that the person can access directly that content.

And the link mainly of facebook video people used to copy so that they could download video but now there is no need to copy the video link rather video now video can be download ed directly from Facebook.

But yes you can copy the link of any content of facebook according to your need, whose info is given above, we hope you will like the information how to copy Facebook link, Copy Facebook Profile Link, Copy link.

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